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I made this for my family and am so glad I did. It will definitly be a family recipe. Easy and fun. Makes the house smell great while it's cooking and is the best tasting apple butter I have ever had. Of course, that will vary with the quality of apples. But it was fun to make and although my 3 and 4 yr. old didn't appreciate it on bread they loved it as apple sauce.

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Evelyn December 06, 2001

I made this over and over this last fall when the apples came in our local orchard. It is wonderful! I gave it to my sister and she loved it,also. So easy and good , I gave jars away for Christmas and those people all thank you. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

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Virginia February 17, 2002

I was really suprised by how good this recipe turned out. I was also glad that there was hardly any work to make the apple butter. This is one of the best recipes for apple butter.

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Midge8 November 03, 2001

This isn't quite done yet, but I can tell you it's amazing! I'll be giving it as Christmas gifts with pride!! Only seeded the apples as some other reviewers stated and did a large chop - no peeling required. It took almost 4 lbs of apples (Ambrosia) to fill my SmartPot. Instead of pouring into a blender, I used my immersion blender right in the crock pot. Used a little ground ginger with the clove and cinnamon. AND I only used 1 c of both white and brown sugar. Highly suggest tasting the apple mixture before adding the sugar and then only adding to taste. I'll be using this as gifts in the years to come! Got 12 1/2 pint jars from this batch.

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mamaindakitchen December 15, 2010

I've been using this for 4 apple seasons now - LOVE IT! I have found that I don't need to PEEL the apples though - that long slow cook-down softens them up, then running through the blender after they've cooked just shredded the peels to nothing. LOTS less work (especially on our wee little organic local apples!) and more nutrition, to boot! I added a pinch of nutmeg, and used apple cider vinegar.
Wonderful recipe, thanks!!!

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TJ-Montana September 22, 2010

A very simple recipe indeed. I wasn't sure I would have enough apples to fill my crock pot, but I had more than enough. I didn't peel the apples because the butter is pureed, and I cut the white sugar down to 2 cups, because after making a batch of pumpkin butter, I discovered that much sugar is way too much for my tastes. I used a variety of apples, mostly sweet, with a few tart varieties thrown in as well. I messed up and added the brown sugar and spices to the crock with the apples because I didn't read the directions all the way through. I don't think it hurt anything. I added the white sugar after the 18 hours, then left it to cook down for another 6 hours (we were out longer than anticipated!) The apple butter still turned out fantastically. Wonderfully spiced, slightly tangy and so very delicious you can eat it by the spoonful! Thank you for a simple, forgiving, excellent recipe. I can't wait for my sisters to get their jars for Christmas!

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Jmommy209 November 30, 2010

Hello, Ms. Hall, I wanted to make Apple Butter like my Mom would buy when I was young; however, I did not know how to make. Therefore, since I have become a member and a contributor of ReipeZaar, I came to the site and typed in Apple Butter in the "search" bar. Wow! was I surprised when I came across yours. My neighbor has a ThunderCloud Crabb Apple tree in his yard. He told me to help myself to the apples. I picked nearly 20 lbs (they are the size of minature oranges), thus, the need to pick a lot. I used your receipe and I made 4 1/2 quarts of beautiful, delicious Apple Butter. I made one variation to the preparation of the apples. I used my pressure cooker to prepare the apples since they are hard as rocks when picked. After cooling from the pressure cooker, I removed the stems and the "flower" from each apple...very long process. I have a Magic Bullet food blender into which I put the apples and then put them in the mixed vinegar, brown sugar, cinnamon and cloves. stirred the apples into the mxture and cook for another six hours (overnight). In the morning, I put very delicious Apple Butter into the quart and pint jars. I will place the jars into the freezer until I want to use Apple Butter. Thank you so much for bringing memories of my dear Mother to me with this recipe. I am not 71 years of age in great health and enjoying a great life granted to me by my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Sincerely, ChemsDad, Calgary, Alberta, Canada (28 July 2009

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ChemsDad July 28, 2009

Great Recipe! Though I did substitute lemon juice for the vinegar. I think I'll keep that routine! Thanks for sharing!

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Kim A. Heaphy October 01, 2010

This was so easy to make and it turned out very well. I love the spicy flavor. I used a fast cooking crockpot and cooked it for 10 hours on high, as directed, but it scorched around the edges so I will try cooking it on low for longer next time. The recipe only said cook for 18 hours, not whether on high or low. I did use one less cup of sugar after reading the other reviews and it was still very sweet. I also had to cook it a couple of hours longer with the top off to evaporate the liquid enough to get the proper apple butter texture. But what a wonderful change from simmering on the stove for hours! I will definitely make this again. Thanks Brenda. BTW, what's with the picture? Is that the uncooked product?

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Northwest Suechef April 11, 2007

This was our first time making Apple Butter. It's still cooking away, but I tasted it and it was AMAZING! We cut the recipe using only 1 c. of sugar and 1/2c. brown sugar. We also used a blend of Golden Delicious and Empire apples. We cannot wait to make biscuits and smear this all over it!

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Mom_to_2_Boys September 24, 2011
Apple Butter