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Great tasting bread pudding. Prepared as written without additions or deleations. I used braeburn apples which had the right amount of sweetness and flavor. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

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-GEORGE- June 16, 2008

In this economy, who can afford Calvados ($40 a bottle), vanilla beans ($18 for a bottled pair), and baguette ($4 per loaf). Get real, Chef Kate! I used Apple Jack Brandy ($8 per bottle), imitation vanilla extract ($2 per bottle), and leftover hot dog buns and bread heels. Furthermore, I omitted the sauce. WOW! The result was spectacular. Fortunately, my taste buds (as well as those of my neighbors and family) are not so complex that I cannot enjoy the the tastes without the overpriced ingredients. The bread pudding was gone in minutes...I will definitely make this recipe again. Caution though--this is a VERY LABOR INTENSIVE recipe and works out well for preparation on the weekend (vice the work week).

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Frankenchef October 13, 2009

Just how OUTSTANDING can a bread pudding possibly be? Well, try this one & you'll see ~ ABSOLUTELY GREAT, & definitely worth the effort! Only wish it could be given a higher rating! Thanks for sharing a great recipe!

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Sydney Mike July 30, 2008

I made 2 servings, each in individual ramekins. I used leftover Artisan Italian Bread for the bread which I cut into small cubes, Grand Marnier for the calvados, and a combination of Gala and Granny Smith apples, chopped. This is very easy to make and delicious to eat.

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2Bleu July 14, 2008

This is now the bread pudding recipe I'll use again and again. It's easy and very impressive. My husband must have told me ten times how much he liked it and my kids wanted seconds. The sauce is extra special and I recommend using the best Calvados you can get your hands on. Yum!

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ihvhope May 04, 2008

I too made this a bit more healthy like the past reviewer did with not problems. I did not use a baguette, I just used some thick whole wheat staleish bread. Also I added a lot more of nutmeg and a pinch of cinnamon to this dessert. I love the flavor the vanilla bean gives this. I never used vanilla bean whole in a recipe before. The sauce is so tasty that goes on this tasty treat! This is an awesome dessert recipe.

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anme November 22, 2007

I made a diabetic version using apple juice for the Calvados, Splenda for the sugar and fat free evaporated milk for the half and half and whole wheat bread for the baguette. I always use W.W. bread so I'm well used to it. All of the Splenda was mixed with the milk. The apple and vanilla bean gave this a lovely fresh taste along with the nutmeg, which I doubled. The warm sauce it delightful and would be good on so many things. The cloth in the pan is a new wrinkle on me and I don't honestly know that it improved anything but I gave it a shot. I'm very pleased that I tried this recipe. I love bread pudding and will be making this again.

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Annacia January 05, 2007
Apple Bread Pudding With Calvados Sauce