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This is an awesome recipe, and no it has no oil and no eggs. I assembled mine early in the a.m. and after 6 hours just could not stand it to wait any longer. Baked it in a 9x5 inch pan. for 1 hour and 10 minutes. Turned it out right aeay without any problems.Mia,thanks for sharing.

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Koechin (Chef) September 21, 2012

Mia, this is amazing!! Right from the beginning the mixture smells absolutely wonderful, I was very reminded of making a Christmas cake!! I marinated overnight, and baked for just over an hour, turned out great. my husband, left in charge of the apples, sliced rather than dicing, not too important, I think! The final result, for me, had much the texture of a Christmas pudding/dumpling, rather than cake or bread, but its wionderful, by itself or with cream/custard!!! I had a few glace cherries which I pushed into the top as it baked, more because I had them than for any other reason!!! Great recipe, Mia, I know I will be making this again, made for Beverage Tag.

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Karen Elizabeth April 09, 2015

What an excellent bread...but...I think it is more like a fruit cake but loads better...no candy things in it...the texture is very dense and my first cut into it the side broke away...so it is on the crumbling side...but the flavor is out of this world good...the rum is dominate but that's ok with us...**hick**...just kidding but you really do get the taste of the rum...I can see the hubby smearing butter on it...or even heating in the microwave and topping it with whipped cream or the suggested vanilla ice cream...btw...not sure if the hazelnuts were suppose to be whole...I did search for the whole ones...but all I found was chopped so that's what I used...yummy bread...made for Spring 2014 PAC...=)

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teresas April 09, 2014

A wonderfully rich and moist fruit loaf! A word of warning: DO NOT bake this in a 9 x 9 square pan, even if the pan has the same capacity as a large loaf pan! In a square pan, the loaf is flatter, bakes faster, and is done at around 40 minutes, which is not enough time for the alcohol to evaporate - the loaf was still pretty potent! ;-) I went and bought a 9 x 5 loaf pan for the second attempt, and was rewarded by a beautifully sweet and flavourful end result. This recipe will definitely get made again, thank you Mia!

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stormylee October 10, 2012

I don't make bread that often, but this one caught my eye, This is one very tasty, flavorful loaf that I made for lunch, and everyone had this delightful treat after school. Made this exactly as posted, and can not wait until the fall to go apple picking here at Indiana's largest apple orchard right down the road in the fall. Thanks for posting this great recipe. Made for Market tag.

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weekend cooker April 28, 2011

I definitely not a good judge when it comes to the varieties of alcohol or its substitutions, but I have used both brandy & rum in mincemeat, so . . . In this particular recipe, instead of the rum I used apple brandy ~ Other than that, I followed the recipe right on down & we had an ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL TASTING LOAF, & I now have a great keeper recipe, too ~ Thanks for sharing it! [Tagged, made & reviewed in the special event, Sweet Traditions]

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Sydney Mike November 12, 2009
Apple Bread