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Delicious! Rich-tasting because off all the eggs and oil. I sprinkled the top of the loaves with cinnamon sugar before baking and it made a delightful little sugary crust on top. My only suggestion is to bake it for 50 - 60 minutes, and check on it. I baked for 60 minutes without checking on it and it got a little overcooked. Otherwise a very yummy loaf of teatime bread!

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SaraFish February 28, 2002

WOW....I put this in the oven after supper last nite, mixed up quick and easy and 2 nice loaves. By half time of Monday night football, the kids and I had devoured one warm loaf! I managed to hide 2 slices for myself for lunch today, BUT I made the mistake of letting them sit on my desk and I kept picking at them until they were gone. That was before 9am. OMG I never thought when I looked at these just out of the oven that they would be so scrumptious. I did sprinkle the top with cinnamon and sugar, AND I used half oil and half unsweetened applesauce and baked about 50 minutes. Three Jonathan apples gave me over 2 cups but I dumped them all in anyway. Making 2 more loaves tonite! Fantastic!

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LAURIE October 08, 2002

This is a five star and more recipe! The flavour is great. I used 3 granny smith's apples, which did give me slightly over 2 cups, but I popped it all in anyway. And it turned out WONDERFUL. But I think i won't chop the apples up so fine the next time cos, it i would like to TASTE TASTE apple bits, but that is totally a personal preference. It had just the right amount of cinnamon. After popping the first one into the oven, the aroma was just over-whelming, I just HAD to go do another batch. And it was the right thing to do for sure. Four loaves, and I have only got half a loaf left in less than 7 hours. Everyone has attacked them. 5 stars and more!

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KitchenManiac February 17, 2003

This is INCREDIBLE - one of the best sweet breads I've ever had. Moist, sweet, lots of tart apples to cut the sweetness....I can't even adequately describe how great this is. I also put some cinnamon sugar on top, added a nice cinnamony crunch. Definitely try this - it'll be devoured by everyone within reach of it. Double the recipe, like I did - you'll be glad you have extra on hand.

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Chickadee October 02, 2002

Very moist and tastey. Half way through preparation, I realized that I could not locate our second loaf pan. I,instead, used a Bundt pan for the entire recipe. I baked for 60 minutes and topped with Powdered Sugar. My wife plans on taking this bread for a bake sale at our kid's school.

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johnvac52 October 11, 2002

Secret, Your Apple Bread is absolutely SENSATIONAL! Sweet & moist with excellent texture and just right for snacking, dessert or the perfect addition to breakfast, lunch or supper! How could anyone go wrong with a bread this versatile? There is not a thing about this recipe I would change...Well...maybe next time I will double the batch ;)!! Thank you so much, Secret, for this fabulous Apple Bread recipe!

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Bev February 26, 2003

Thank you so much for posting this. This tastes exactly like an apple cake that my stepmother's mother used to make for me when I was little. I would have this every weekend and have been searching for a similar recipe with no luck. This is by far the best recipe I have found, thank you for helping to bring back old memories. P.S. I also added the cinammon and sugar topping. Delicious- will make again and again!

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Christina Chavez October 30, 2002

I woke up very early this morning and saw this recipe. I checked to see if I had all the ingredients. I had two small apples and a pear, and hazelnuts. So I used them and my family is now waking up to the morst wonderful aroma and hot from the oven apple bread for breakfast. It's delicious! thanks for sharing.

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Jan Marie October 19, 2002

This is a great fall recipe for using up some extra apples. I already had some red delicious on hand, so I used them, even though a more tart apple would easily work as well. The addition of the vanilla really adds great flavor and the smell from the oven while the loaves were cooking was fantastic. The two loaves didn't even last a day in my house!

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Missyb33 October 17, 2002

This bread was very moist and also very good. I did also bake for 50 minutes and put the cinnamon and sugar on top before baking...I will keep this handy especially around apple picking season.

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Janet W October 06, 2002
Apple Bread