Apple Bok Choy Salad

Total Time
30 mins
0 mins

This delicious salad is from I have simplified the instructions so it is a little easier to make. To chop bok choy: Trim the rough edge off the root ends of the bok choy, then cut across the stem just below the leaf. Slice the white stem portion into 3 or 4 lengthwise strips, then cut across to dice. Slice the leafy top crosswise and then cut each strip into 1 inch pieces.

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  1. Chop bok choy and set aside in a large bowl. If you haven’t worked with bok choy before, see Anne Sainz’s notes above.
  2. Place cashews, milk, vinegar, raisins and mustard in food processor or high powered blender and combine until smooth.
  3. Add apple, carrot and onion and process until chopped fine.
  4. Add processed mixture to bok choy and mix well.