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This is a lovely, crispy, 'appley', quintessentially English pudding, which I loved, and I will certainly make it again. I would rate it 5 stars in a heartbeat, but for a couple of relatively minor points. The cinnamon is not listed in the ingredients - I guessed and put in 3/4 teaspoon, but it probably could have had more (unfortunately I printed out the recipe without Barb's comments). I also got a bit confused about the different amounts of butter used here and there. I recommend keeping a close eye on it during the final browning process - mine just started to burn on top after 8 or 9 minutes, so I whipped it out quickly and it was fine - but had it been left for the full 15 minutes it would have been spoiled. I used brown sugar instead of demerara, and that was fine. I will most definitely make this again. I know my Dad and my sons would love it, so will you please add the cinnamon to the ingredients? Cheers :-)

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Daydream June 02, 2005

Delicious, made this for dessert last evening, Recipe is a lot easier than it looks. I used whole grain bread with nuts instead of white. Also used Dark Brown sugar, as I couldn't find DEMERARA sugar. Looked it up on the web and found that dark brown sugar can be substituted. There is no amount of cinnamon listed in recipe, so I just added what I thought was needed , about 1 1/2 teaspoons. Turned out very good will be making it again.

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Barb Gertz December 09, 2002
Apple Betty with Almond Crisp