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Growing up, I seldom ate candy, because my mom bought me fruit leather instead. Until finding this recipe, I did not know that fruit leather could be made at home. Since I do not own a dehydrator, I greased a 19 by 15-inch baking sheet with two tablespoons of unflavored oil (do not use olive oil; it tastes too strong). Baking on my oven's lowest setting, 170F degrees, overnight for thirteen hours perfectly dehydrated the fruit. This seems like an extremely long time to make, but I find it easy to place the mixture in the oven at 7:00 P.M. and remove it from the oven at 8:00 A.M. without the need to stir or flip. Then, I patted the excess oil off of the leather with a paper towel. The fruit leather did not absorb any of the oil, but the oil prevented it from sticking to the pan. The flavor was intensely sweet and fruity- better than any store bought fruit leather that I have ever nibbled. Thank you, Chemaine, for a naturally sweet treat that I will enjoy making time and time again.

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Garden Gate Kate November 15, 2014
Apple-Banana Fruit Leather