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If it sounds good to you, trust me, it tastes even better!! If you have really sweet apples (I used 3 MacIntosh & 3 Granny Smith), you can cut back on the sugar - I used 1 1/2 cups and it tasted sweet and awesome.

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Jodi B. November 20, 2002

This was delicious cake and very easy to put together. I used the golden delicious apples as well as pecans, and with the addition of the banana, it was a wonderfully moist cake but not soggy. We loved it.

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NancyF November 14, 2002

After reading Charishma's review, I just had to try this. We're going to a potluck this evening and I needed an easy dessert. This smelled delicious baking and tastes even better. I used golden delicious apples just because I had them and pecans. This is definitely a keeper. I'm taking whipped cream, but it really doesn't need anything else.

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Vicki in AZ October 29, 2002

The CHAMPION of all cakes is this cake that absolutely is 'TO DIE FOR'! This is the FIRST FRESH FRUIT CAKE I have ever baked in my whole life! Let me tell you the ADVENTURE I had with the baking of this heavenly cake this evening... I decided around 4:50pm to make this. I set off with my egg beater, bowl and all, by 5pm. These are the steps I followed to make the cake mixture: 1. I took a large mixing bowl and beat the eggs, one at a time, until light and fluffy, in it. 2. Next, I added sugar, salt, baking soda and cinnamon and creamed it all well together. 3. Then, I added oil( I used Minara Sunflower Cooking Oil) and all-purpose flour, alternately, and mixed it well. 4. Next in line, I tossed in the walnuts and stirred in the essence. 5. Then, in another bowl, I mashed 2 chopped bananas and added this to the above-made mixture. 6. Last of all, I grated the apples(I used 6 of them- delicious red apples) and added them to the mixture. I did not find it necessary to core the apples. It was easy to grate them once peeled, using my grater. I mixed this sinfully divine cake batter extremely well together. At this point of time, the mixture was sooooo tempting, that I forgot my promises to myself of not to eat between meals, and, I put in my finger into the mixture and picked up a good bit of this mixture. The next second, as you can guess, it had made it's way successfully to the chamber of my mouth:) YUMMY! That very second I knew I'd hit the jackpot! Well then, in my excitement to get this done quickly, I greased a cake tin. I did not read "UNgreased" in your recipe because I was sooooo excited and to reach upto this point, it had taken me an hour(it was 6pm by now). I normally dont bake in my oven. I use my AMC Dutch Oven to bake all my breads and cakes and they all come out beautifully, so, as usual, I put the Dutch Oven on the stove and I was to start pouring this yummy mix into the cake tin, when, the doorbell rang. I ran off to get the door. My cook had arrived. Once he enters, I don't cook:) So, I covered the cake mixture and kept it in my refrigerator. Well, then, by 9pm my cook left home. I got into the kitchen, took out this bowl of the cake mixture, oh my! It was smelling so good!! I wanted to eat it all right away then and there! God bless the powers that stopped me from doing that because of what I got 3 hours from 9pm..read on:) I thawed the cake mixture for 30 minutes. At 9:30pm, I poured it into the greased cake tin and baked it. It took 2.5 hours to bake in my Dutch Oven on very low flame! (My dad jokingly teased me saying that I got to pay for the coming month's gas cylinder supply! LOL):) Ofcourse, the naughty girl that I am, I went about 5 times and opened the lid up, did the toothpick test, no regrets, it wasn't done, as everytime I did the test, I got to lick a yummy bit of this divine and truly addictive cake:) At dot 12am, the alarm on my Dutch Oven went off! Mom called out to me saying that the entire house was smelling WONDERFUL! As I got closer to my kitchen, Oh my, the smell, was getting stronger and stronger... FINALLY- I lifted the lid off the cake tin, checked the cake, YES, DONE! WOW! YUM! That's all I whispered to myself:) Got the cake off the flame, out of the cake tin, and once it was out, it smelt heavenly. My parents said it smells soooooooo good, my bro., the most picky eater alive, said he wanted it all and I am NOT to share it with anyone:) I'll confess I ate a bit before I took it to them all:) You can't blame me now, having heard my story, can You? :-) Thank You for sharing this truly 500000000+ stars deserving recipe! Please do convey my "VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU" to your friend, i.e., who gave you this recipe.

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Charishma_Ramchandani October 27, 2002

I found it to be very easy, delicious and moist. I used rum soaked bananas in the recipe which kept everybody smiling.

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1#stunner June 18, 2012

Wow! Talk about moist!! I used 1 cup of brown sugar instead of the 2 cups of sugar stated and I also used 1 and 1/3 cups of all-purpose flour and 2/3 cup of whole wheat to try to make it a bit "healthy". I also used 3/4 cup of roughly chopped walnuts. The cake isn't very sweet which makes it perfect for after dinner, as a snack between meals or in the morning on-the-go. Not sure what kind of apples I used as I had recently been apple picking and just grabbed 5 of whatever was in the bag. This is definitely a great way to use us some old bananas and to try to make a dent in that 25lb bag of apples you have lying around! Enjoy!!

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vklugman October 17, 2011

Fabulous cake! Thank you for sharing the recipe.
I used 2 granny smith and 4 red-delicious apples for my apple mix. Not taking out the core helps in shredding (followed what a reviewer wrote).
Ran out of cinnamon so added a bit of cloves and nutmeg. Heavenly mix of spices :).
Thank you again for sharing this wonderful and easy recipe. Will be making it again!

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vadapao September 20, 2011

I made this some months back & making again today. I deviated from the recipe since I didn't have 4 cups of apples. I made up for the apples with shredded sweet potato, used melted organic virgin coconut oil instead of vegetable oil. I also added unsweetened shredded coconut and decreased the amount of sugar.

I'll do pretty much the same thing today, but will be using cooked sweet potatoes (thought I would be making candied yams) and sweetened coconut flakes (couldn't find unsweetened) so will decrease the sugar even more.

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UmmX November 27, 2010

Soooo good! I made a couple substitutions as follows: In addition to the banana (mashed) and apples (small chunks), I added 1 cup of finely grated carrots as well and omitted the nuts (didn't have any). I substituted whole wheat flour for all purpose. I used 1 cup of palm sugar instead of 2 cups regular sugar (and the cake was more than sweet enough for me!). I used 1/2 cup of soft room temp. butter instead of oil. I split the cake into two 9x6 pans and baked for approx. 45 mins. This cake turned out so wonderfully delicious, it will be a staple recipe for me!

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Alina Y. April 05, 2016

I did 1 banana and added a cup of dried cranberry with just one Apple and kept the rest as it is. Turned out amazing n moist n delishhh

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tupacgirl5 January 03, 2016
Apple Banana Cake