Apple Bacon Thanksgiving Dressing (Or Stuffing) F

Total Time
3hrs 15mins
Prep 15 mins
Cook 3 hrs

This stuffing has a nice background note of orange and apples. You won't taste it in every bite, but once in a while, you have a taste and think, "HMMMM, what's that?" It's a nice balance of flavors with the bacon and the orange and apples. The spinach keeps it moist and heatthy. And, if you're like me, you always run out of room in the oven on Turkey Day. Use your crock pot for the dressing and you've solved the problem. I use a crock pot liner and there's no clean up. Also, the crock pot keeps the dressing moist. How many times have you had dry Thanksgiving dressing at a relative's house? Me, more than I can count. I promise you this dressing will be easy, no clean up, tasty and MOIST.

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  1. Set crock pot on LOW.
  2. Thaw and drain spinach. Add to crock pot.
  3. Add both boxes of stuffing mix.
  4. Chop garlic and add.
  5. Clean, dry, and slice mushrooms.
  6. Clean and dice celery.
  7. Saute celery and mushrooms in 2 T olive oil or butter until lightly browned and celery is not crunchy.Add to crock pot.
  8. Chop bacon and add.
  9. Peel and core apples. Dice and add to pot.
  10. Add herbes de provence, orange marmelade, pepper and bay leaf.
  11. Add only TWO cups of chicken broth at this time. Reserve the last cup only if you feel the stuffing needs more juice. If it looks like it's getting dry, add the last cup one hour before serving.
  12. Leave cover on the crock pot. Stir once every hour. Cook on low 2-3 hours.
Most Helpful

This opened my eyes for a creative use of crock pot especially now that I'm planning my Thanksgiving dinner for 12 and my oven space is at premium. Way to go chef! With this recipe and crockpot, great tasting stuffing can be made. I cut this recipe in half for 4 servings. I would have liked it a bit more and 5 star recipe for sure if orange taste came through more and use of regular onion than dried kind. Other than that, this recipe is delicious and I will be making this for our Thanksgiving with minor modification.

Rinshinomori November 03, 2008

This is really flavorful... however I didnt' care for the way that each bite seem to take on another flavor... I think maybe if I would have blended the jam and chicken broth together...before adding to the crockpot-- it may have had a more blended flavor. This gets a two thumbs up for the mere creative aspect alone!!! :)

~STARLIGHT by NIGHT ~ November 29, 2008

This was one of the stars of the Craze-E Category Contest for my family. We absolutely loved it & I know I will be making this again. This made a lot and we happily ate it rewarmed. This has so much flavor in every bite. Each bite has a different flavor with a tasty ingredient featured. One bite is bacon-ey, the next a bright burst of orange, and another with apples or garlic. No gravy needed here! This time I reduced the herbes de provence by half as my hubby was burning out on the flavor after contest recipe after contest recipe this week. Next time I will use it all. The only other change I made was using 1/2 cup fresh onion rather than dried. Thank you for your creative & tasty entry into the Craze-E contest! I hope you enter future contests & I have the chance to try more of your original creations!

Susie D November 03, 2008