Apple and Carrots Juice

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 0 mins

An Apple a day! This is the basic juice that you can add any veggie you like. This base is sweet and healthy. Be sure to use organic produce.


  1. Alternating carrots and apples push through the hopper. To your health!
Most Helpful

So good and good for ya! I love the flavor of botht the apple and the carrots. Thanks Rita! Made for Vegetarian Swap.

Sharon123 October 13, 2008

This juice has always been my favourite. Carrots and apples. So simple, yet the flavours of the two just seem to go so well together. If the carrots aren't very big I put in more than four, I like the carrots to be slightly more predominant in the flavours. Like Geema stated, I also sometimes add a small piece of ginger. Thanks for posting Rita, now I'll have this in my cookbook so I don't forget about my favourite juice combo! :)

Debra1113 August 01, 2008

5* for health, taste and appeal. My juicer didn't like taking the apples but it sure did help to intersperse them with the carrots...good tip Rita. I added a small 1/2 inch piece of ginger while I was making the juice and it added a nice zing. DH and I have decided to keep our juicer out and use it more often thanks to you Rita.

Geema December 15, 2005