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You made my Xmas! This is the recipe that my Great Nana used to make every Xmas and I was the only one who even got my own tin of them at Easter. These cookies are one of my most fondest memories of her. I was even handed down her old tin cookie cutters with the wooden round handles, which I used. She also used to roll them paper thin, which I was able to do for some, and just get them slightly browned also. No fancy stuff like sprinkles or icing; just the way they are...and dipping them into some hot tea and eaten is the best. I did add the extra 3/4 cup to the dough. I will definitely make these again, though I am going to omit the vanilla out the recipe as personal preference, as my Nana's did not have the vanilla flavor but more of a buttery flavor. But these really took me back in time; I'm so glad you posted this because we never had my Nana's Apie's recipe. Thank you so much!!!

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TheDancingCook December 16, 2008
Apies Cookies