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I know these as Oatina Biscuits (cookies), and almost posted the recipe as such, but your ingredients are identical, except that I use 1 cup of Plain flour and no whole wheat. My ratio of ingredients are slightly different but not wildly so. I usually make these two different ways.. first as quite small balls that I flatten and bake, these stay quite chewy, a little bit fatter in size and remain fairly soft in the centre and the small size is ideal for Birthday parties and biscuit (cookie) trays. The second way I bake these is to make much larger balls, flatten them and only get 3-4 to a baking sheet.. this version is a harder, very crunchy, very thin cookie.. the larger ones of which earned the nickname of.... um..."cowpats" (I know.. but kids adore the name as it appeals to their sense of humour and they love this version of the cookie too). My photos are of the small sized ones since this time I made them for a my DS Birthday Party. Please see my rating system: a wonderful recipe that I know from years and years of experience never fails as a recipe and never fails to please... whatever name it goes by :) Thanks !

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kiwidutch January 17, 2007

as a aussie i can tell you that adding anything to this basic recipe of oats, butter, "cocky's (the bird not the farmer) joy" goldern syrup and cocconut and still call it a ANZAC Bicky is blasphemous act. I can tell you they are about good for one day then go hard but that was the idea behind them to last the months of travel and it was a great treat for the diggers on the frontline. bit different from the hard tack (ration bread) and bully beef (tin corned beef) so dippiing a hard oats bicky in there tea was a lot of joy to them.

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Dropbear March 15, 2005

I'm sure I commited some blasphemous act by substituting 3/4 c. raisins for coconut, but I have an excuse: My mum asked if we needed coconut for the recipe, and I thought not, but then it turned out when we got home that we did, and we had none, and she would not go get some. :( BUT - I made them for my history final, which was a report on New Zealand, and everyone loved them. I baked mine at 300 for 15 minutes. They seemed really buttery at first, but they turned out to be just fine, though a bit tough by the time we ate them today (I made them on Thursday). Thank you for sharing a bit of your culture with students in CA!

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briosgaid June 07, 2004

This is a great basic recipe. To liven it up, I added one tablespoon each of:chopped glace ginger, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds.

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Annie Johnston March 13, 2003

The biscuits/cookie were yummy. Made a batch for my girl scout troop because we were studying about Australia and the girls just loved them. They are easy to make but you have to love coconut.

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Caroline Chou March 02, 2003

Another good recipe for ANZAC biscuits. Every cook has their own version with slight variations, this is a good one, will be keeping this one for future use.

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Sueie February 08, 2003
Anzac Biscuits