Anytime Chili

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Total Time
15 mins
15 mins

Easy and Fast! Or, put in crockpot and let cook while you go hiking. It's great for when you are camping. Can substitute beef for the turkey if you wish.

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  1. In a skillet brown and drain the turkey.
  2. Add turkey and all other ingredients to a pan.
  3. Heat until hot.
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This was very easy to make. I did use 2 pounds of ground round and only 1 can of beans. I also doubled up on the tomato sauce because of the extra meat. This cooks up quickly and great for a last minute meal. Thanks Rick.

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MMMM! This was great. I used turkey, only 1 can of beans, and everything else as is. Doused in shredded cheese. Very meaty and not too spicy. I loved it! Of course I'm in FL and its 80 outside but in winter I will definitely be making this alot more!