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I can throw together a pretty good casserole, but it was really nice to have the measurements all written out and some new suggestions for ingredients (almonds). This is what I used for this one: 1 large cooked chicken breast (diced), 1 can whole mushrooms (cut in half), 2 cups (when dry) cooked macaroni, 1 1/2 cup sour cream, sliced almonds and some cheddar cheese mixed in with it all. I topped it with some parmesan and toasted bread crumbs. I used garlic powder, pepper and seasoning salt for seasoning, but I would recommend using a lot more. That's it! This is a TERRIFIC recipe for beginner cooks especially because you are pretty much guaranteed to have the ingredients on hand. I tagged this recipe for the "I REDommend Game".

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Nif February 02, 2009

This was so easy to make because I had all the ingredients on hand and I could just use anything. I used tuna fish, peas, cream of mushroom soup (I got the inspiration from the other reviewer), potatoes, and breadcrumbs for the topping. I also put olives in there, and seasoned it with garlic powder, paprika, and salt.

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Studentchef December 31, 2008

Making this was fun. I felt liberated just putting in whatever I had in my fridge. I took an extra step and just put however much of the ingredients I wanted to put in as well. This is what I added: turkey, ham, olives, broccoli, water chestnuts, canned corn--(next time I won't add this because it gives it a soft, sticky/chewy texture.), rice, 1 can cream of mushroom, milk, rosemary, paprika, salt, pepper, topped w/crushed corn flakes. It made 3 9x5 casseroles.

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Heystopthatnow January 11, 2007
Any Kind Casserole