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Fabulous! Was in a hurry so used light cream cheese and then, instead of the basil and garlic clove, drizzled a bit of Italian salad dressing on the cream cheese and spread it over the tortilla. Used everything else in the recipe and WOW -- this one's delicious. The fact that it can be made ahead makes it extra special!

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quikgourmet September 27, 2007

Anytime I make something twice in three days is an exceptional recipe. This is that kind of recipe. I made these for a simple dinner for Dugan and myself. He scarfed his and was looking suspiciously at mine so I just pulled everything out of the fridge and made him another. The second one I browned in olive oil and he really went carniverous over that one. He ate until I was sure he was going to explode. He barely had the strength to crawl back to his La-Z-Boy recliner and watch ESPN. I made them AGAIN on Sunday for Dugan's poker party. I fried them and cut them into fourths. The boys loved them and wanted more but I didn't have enough ingredients to make another batch so I have promised to make them again next month. I'm making myself one for lunch today. (I said I didn't have enough ingredients for THEM- I didn't say I didn't have enough for ME) LOL.

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Pot Scrubber June 06, 2006

These wraps are sensational. I love the cream cheese, basil and garlic combination. Instead of ham and salami I used some left over Island Pork Tenderloin (Optional Salad). I didn't have any fresh basil on hand so I used dry. Loads of flavor in this wrap, just the way we like them. Thanks Lori for a great recipe that we will be making on a regular basis.

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heather in Ont, January 10, 2008

So delicious! I used turkey instead of ham and used turkey pepperoni instead of salami for a lighter, healthier fare. We absolutely loved these. Next time, I will grill it as another reviewer mentioned. Thanks for this wonderful recipe.

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Flautatime February 10, 2010

Fabulous! I made these for a church activity (fixing up an old house) and these were the "hit" of the lunch. Several people (from teens to adults) raved over these to me! I added the basil with the toppings (instead of mixing in cream cheese). I used a really neat sandwich "wrapper" from Costco (whole grain/low carb) that made these really easy to roll and stay together. I agree with reviewer that pan frying these takes it over the top! Thanks for posting Lori- Roxygirl

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Roxygirl in Colorado June 03, 2009

I sliced these as pinwheels for an appetizer platter at a party. They were a nice combination with Crab Salad Roll-Ups and Spinach Pinwheel Appetizers. Everyone devoured them, even those that would have been leery of the roasted red peppers and artichoke hearts, had they known they were ingredients. :)

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Ms B. August 08, 2007

This recipe caught my eye during ZWT2, but I didn't get a chance to make it until now. Boy, am I glad I made these anyway! I had to make a few substitutions due to pantry availabilities, but the basic spirit of the recipe was still there. I didn't have any lettuce other than iceberg, but I had some fresh baby spinach (I thought that was closer to romaine than the iceberg lettuce), so I used the spinach for my greens. I had some shredded carrot that I needed to use up, so I mixed that into the cream cheese mixture (nice added crunch, and extra veggies never hurt). I had some sundried tomatoes lying around, so I chopped up a few of those and tossed them on. I had roasted yellow pepper instead of red. I was fresh out of shredded mozzarella, but I did have some sliced provolone. The only black olives in the house were kalamata, so in they went. I still have a lot of the ingredients left over since I was the only one eating at the time, so I will have to try Susie D's suggestion of grilling them (I love wrapinis!). My only complaint was that my garlic clove was gigantic (probably equal to two normal cloves), so the spread was a little too sharp garlicky for my tastes. I made sure not to breathe on anyone for the rest of the day after I ate my wrap, since it was strong enough that brushing my teeth afterwards only masked it but didn't eliminate the garlic lol. Definitely a keeper -- Thanks for posting!

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Muffin Goddess July 30, 2006

Loved them! Made them according to the recipe and they were perfect (well almost. . .DH complained I put too much cream cheese on his!) Thanks for Sharing!

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Galley Wench July 16, 2006

My DH freq goes fishing during the summer & always wants to eat something tasty, hearty & easily portable. These were ideal for a lunch meal for him on a recent trip & he was delighted to feast on something tasty & out of the ordinary. The fixings transported easily in his cooler & assembly was a snap. The combo of these wraps, some fresh fruit & cookies made his friends sit up & take notice, so he shared the story of ZWT w/them. Thx for posting.

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twissis July 15, 2006

Yummy, these were really good. Easy to assemble. I skipped the olives because DBF doesn't like them. We took these on a picnic and they held up well.Thanks for sharing!

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Boo's Mom May 08, 2006
Antipasto Wraps