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This. Is. So. Good! I thought to myself, "I'll just TEST this to make sure it tastes good." Bad Idea #1! I couldn't STOP! My other BAD idea was to half the recipe (since it was the first time, I thought "what if I don't like it?"). Bad idea #3, "thinking" too much!!!! Okay, now to serious reviewing. I drained the olives and pickled onions, but USED the onion juice AND I added a very healthy splash of Apple Cider Vinegar! Also, I used home-made dill pickle slices--got a LOT of use out of my ulu knife! Whooheeiee! Also, I added one 15-oz can of pizza sauce, because I thought it looked a bit dry...wow!...great flavor! Taste tested with club, saltine, and ritz-butter crackers....club wins--hands down! Nummmmers! KEEPER!!! *Made for My Three Chefs 2007 ~ Canning Up Summer's Bounty!*

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Debber June 08, 2007

This recipe is DANGEROUS and should be deleted off the internet. Any recipe with meat or seafood MUST BE PRESSURE CANNED. Tuna, for example, must be pressure canned for 100 minutes to deactivate or kill botulism spores ans other pathogens in the fish. If you have made the recipe and canned it THROW IT AWAY. Do not endanger your family and friends. Botulism cannot be detected - it does not have an odor nor can you see it.

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sbarsuel September 07, 2015

This is one of the most dangerous canning recipes I have ever seen online. Are you trying to kill of half the population? I hope people take the time to educate themselves before trusting recipes they find on this site as well as other dangerous canning recipes on sites such as Pinterest, YouTube and Google and some Facebook groups. Try Ball Blue Book, http://freshpreserving.com/ OR http://nchfp.uga.edu/, OR http://safesmartcanningrecipes.blogspot.com/ for trusted recipes and look for SAFE canning groups on Facebook.

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Debra D. September 07, 2015