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I made this exactly as the recipe reads, and it's wonderful! I used a low-sodium tuna (I don't watch salt intake, but I don't like all of the weird flavor additives of other tuna) and the cannellini beans (I love their creamy texture). The amount of onion is just enough, not overpowering; the celery is just enough for some crunch. And I personally like squeezing just a touch of lemon juice on it! Thanks, Jim for posting such a fantastic recipe!

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EdsGirlAngie February 10, 2004

Yes, there is a lot of liquid But I just topped it on a big bed of greens. I found this to be full of flavor! Salty and meaty from the tuna which I used albacore. Creaminess from the beans, crunch from the onions (I used sweet white) & celery. As for the mustard I used Grey Poupon Dijon mustard.Fresh and dried oregano was used. Very easy filling and healthy.Thanks!

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Rita~ August 30, 2005

This was a nice recipe. It went well as a side dish for an italian potluck for work. It was alot more soupy than I thought that it would be though. I thought the recipe would actually be more like a salad. It was very good and flavors were great too. Thank you, Jim.

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Gingerbear May 26, 2005

I doubled the recipe, but otherwise didn't change anything. It's delicious, and looks fantastic -- although I had two problems. Problem one was that I ended up with way too much dressing - nearly a cup more than would have been necessary! And problem two was that the taste of red wine vinegar, while nice in small quantities, nearly overpowered everything else. This mostly resolved itself after an overnight refrigeration, but still, unless you're crazy about red wine vinegar, I'd cut the amount by a third at least. I'd probably also go easy on the liquid from the beans, because it made up more than half the volume of the dressing. I'll definitely make this again, but next time I'm going to pour the dressing over the tuna/beans/etc, to avoid the problem of too much liquid.

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tanya_g December 29, 2004
Antipasti Di Tonno E Fagioli