Antioxidant Soup (All Ingredients are to Be Organic)

Total Time
Prep 1 hr
Cook 3 hrs

This soup is so good, you won't miss the meat. It is full of healthful antioxidants. The pureed squash and tomato sauce add thickness and rich taste.

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  1. Put the roasted vegetable stock and water in large pot; add garlic, onions, fresh carrots and sweet potatoes. Bring to simmer and cover. Cook for 25 minutes. Add green beans, sweet potatoes, corn and spinach. Cook for 10 minutes. Add tomatoes products, squash puree, miso mixture and herbs. Simmer for 60 minutes. You can add more water if you want a more brothy soup.
  2. This soup can be frozen in quart jars. When I serve the soup, I usually add ½ cup of beans, rice, tofu or quinoa for each 1 cup of soup. Whatever is in the fridge works great. Great with rustic Italian rosemary bread!
Most Helpful

Delish! I had a little fun with the recipe, but all in all kept it pretty true to its spirit. I used regular broth, but then subbed some previously roasted carrots, turnips, and sweet potatoes. I used all butternut squash puree (instead of half squash and half pumpkin). I doubled the amt of tomato sauce. Used fresh kale in place of the spinach and just threw it in in the beginning with the onions/garlic. Also threw in a half a zucchini that needed used up. I cooked the veggies on the stove for 25 minutes and transferred it all to the crock pot and let it cook for about 4 hours on low. Served with sweet potato bread. Thanks for sharing!

JanuaryBride January 29, 2013

I must confess, I was a little hesitant about this at first, but by the time the soup was done, the flavor had developed quite nicely. I didn't have the green beans or corn, and used chicken stock instead of veg stock, and used my own frozen chard rather than spinach. I think everything came out really well! I wish I hadn't used up my quinoa the day before, as I do think it would have been a nice addition to pack in a little more protein. Overall, a great way to use up extra veggies from the CSA! Added some salt and pepper near the end as well, and drizzled a little olive oil over the bowls when served. Will definitely make this again!

Home Cookin 'n Vermont January 16, 2009

I found this recipe after seeing you hint on how to use Quinoa wash as an insect repellent on the Quinoa-Toasted page and wanted to thank you on your page, &decided to see your other recipes. This sounded so good I had to try it. I have not eaten it yet, but my house smells so yummy right now. I sub. green onions for walla walla sweets (from the garden) and added summer squash because I don't have either puree, and although miso is good for you, I don't care for it, but I'm looking forward to dinner!

in the garden August 23, 2008