Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 40 mins

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. Put everything in pot, and simmer it.
  2. Do not put it on high.
  3. I want the vegetables to get out all the vitamins and minerals slowly, slowly, slowly.
  4. After you make it, put it in a blender and puree to make it like a fiber which will fill you up.
  5. Put it in a thermos and take it with you.
  6. And drink it instead of coffee or soda.
  7. You can also add skinless chicken or turkey breast to the soup if you want to.
Most Helpful

This is the 3rd recipe from Mimi's anti-baldness program. My husband has had success on it. Even though he stopped the daily vegtable drink, he still has this soup with dinner and does the scap treatment. It's a delicious and healthy soup even if you aren't bald! Delicious and loaded with vitamins!

lesleyb April 04, 2003

Mimi, I know this soup has got to be so good for you!!! I used everything but the parsnip and simmered it. You didn't specify how much,if any, water to cook the veggies in. I added about 2 cups. The soup was very thick. Much better for you than coffee or soda, that's for sure!

Sharon123 January 29, 2003