Total Time
Prep 15 mins
Cook 0 mins

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. ***IMPORTANT: The above items must be purchased the day you make this or else it will be no good.
  2. They need to be fresh.
  3. This should not be made with ingredients that are more than 24 hours old.
  4. The best place to buy above items is a fresh farmers market.
  5. Core apple.
  6. Soak and wash all vegetables in lemon water (lemon water is best for removing debris and pesticides naturally). Toss all items into cuisinart or home juicemaker and blend.
  7. Pour juice into glass and drink immediately.
  8. Drink all of it.
  9. Do not save - it will lose effectiveness in an hour.
  10. This must be made fresh every day for 12 weeks.
  11. During the 12 weeks, you should not drink more than 1 glass of wine a day (if you do drink) because alcohol blocks the absorption of biotin.
  12. Firmly massage the top of your scalp for 5 minutes a day to get the nutrients circulating in the blood to the top of your head.
  13. Once a week, use recipe for "Anti-baldness Scalp Plaque Treatment" (Recipe #45014) to enhance results.
  14. If possible, refrain from using harsh chemicals on hair and scalp period. (See natural hair coloring suggestions).
  15. Not mandatory, but other helpful things to ingest while doing the "anti-baldness" treatment: Black cohosh, wild yam, red clover, evening primose oil (for women only) saw palmetto (for men only) 1000mg calcium (for everyone) chaseberry, dong quai, 500-750mg magnesium, B-vitamins, 400-1200 mg vitamin E, lecithin, and brewers yeast. This is totally optional. It will produce better results, but it's not necessary. Only if you want to. If you are in menopause and taking hormone replacements - this will not interfere at all!
  16. Natural hair coloring options:.
  17. For black hair: Use natural indiago/henna.
  18. For brown hair: Use rosemary & elderberry/henna.
  19. For auburn hair: Use henna.
  20. For blonde hair: Use golden seal & golden thread, marigold, lemon and camomile.
  21. Good luck!


Most Helpful

First I have to thank you for getting me to get my juicer back out. The vegies aren`t as good as summer produce from the garden. But it`s better then none. It was tasty! I know I won`t do all 12 weeks! Just because I like change. I have a couple of favorites I`ll have to post. Thank you,Thank you,Thank you.!!!

Rita~ January 09, 2003

This recipe sounds great! The additional comments about black cohosh and red clover are NOT for breast cancer patients or for those that have a history of breast cancer in their family. If you have ever taken fertility drugs, stay away from those natural hormone replacements (including wild yam products). Both ingredients, though natural, are very strong estrogen inducers.

dogsandwoods August 02, 2009

Wow, this sounds soo wonderful, especially with ziccaria's suggestions of apricot and mango. But I don't have anyway of processing this into a juice. I have to admit though, it sounds really tedious to have to purchase the ingredients fresh practically everyday, especially for someone like me who is disabled and can't drive. If I wasn't on such a tight budget, I'd sure give it a try. :) I will save this for future. Thank you also, Mimi for adding the comment about talking to a doc first, very important. :)

blancpage May 02, 2007

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