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This eggplant stew was fantastic! Yesterday night I was scrambling because I had no meat in the house and an eggplant that needed using, when I stumbled upon your recipe. As it was cooking on the stove, DH looked in the pot and dubiously said, "a meatless stew, huh?" However, in the end he had to admit that he really enjoyed it (so did I) and would like it to go in the keeper file to have again. I had to make a few modifications: I didn't have a green pepper, so I used 2 red bell peppers. I also had three regular carrots, which did not amount to 10 baby carrots, so I supplemented the carrots with one zucchini that needed using (added in at the time the eggplant and carrot went in). In the end, the zucchini was one of the best tasting veggies in the stew! When I copy the recipe in my recipe file, I am going to add the zucchini to the ingredient list as both DH and I really liked the addition of it. Also, my diced tomatoes must not have been very juicy, because the reserved juice after draining only yielded 1/2 cup, so I supplemented the other 1/2 cup with vegetable stock. I also did not peel my eggplant and it was fine. DH and I both tried our stew with grated parm and then with feta. We really liked the feta crumbled on top best. Thanks for a healthy, wonderful stew that we will definitely make again!

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Dr. Jenny October 20, 2009

This is one of the best recipes I've tried in a long time. It is fresh and light, but also filling and comforting - didn't even know that was possible. I substituted vegetable broth for the olive oil to cut out the fat. I had to add some extra broth after putting the eggplant in to keep it from sticking. It turned out really great. Thanks so much for sharing this one.

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vegetable girl February 16, 2009

i didn't have rosemary, so i pitched in about 1 tsp of fresh fennel fronds. i also added flax seeds and it was awesome! really delish with cornbread.

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Rennylicious September 30, 2008

This was very warming and flavorful, and rivalled the best stews with eggplant I have had. I did notice the baby carrots we used came out crisp-tender while the other vegetables were done, so next time I may give them a 5 minute head start in cooking or chop the carrots up. The thyme and bay in this shone through very well and the flavor brought to my mind the flavors of creole shrimp. We tried this with some hot sauce added and yes, it was even better! I thought an idea for when serving both vegans and nonvegans would be to add precooked shrimp as a meat for others. Rice would be a perfect side. Delicious!!! Thank you.

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Sue Lau May 01, 2008

This was excellent and quite easy. When I was a kid I used to dislike eggplant, but I learned to love it. I lowered the olive oil a bit, thinking the eggplant would absorb it and become too oily, but I think 1/4 cup would be fine if you are unconcerned about extra fat. All my veggies were adequately cooked. Thanks again to your dad!

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Kumquat the Cat's friend September 24, 2007
Another Eggplant Stew!