Another Chicken Soup Recipe???

Total Time
Prep 20 mins
Cook 30 mins

A soup from the stone age! My great-grandmothers were making this one, but have to admit those grandmas could make anything worthwhile!

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  1. Brown the chicken in the margarine on all sides quickly until nicely brown all around.
  2. Approximately 15 min.
  3. Turn the fire to medium sprinkle the flour over the chicken and keep stirring.
  4. It will seem a little lumpy, but this will stir out.
  5. You want to lose the flour taste, so allow this to become a light roux, but not brown.
  6. Add a little water at a time, keep stirring, you want to get out all the lumps.
  7. When it seems to be blending well add the rest of the ingredients (water and spices) except the rice.
  8. Let this cook about 30 min.
  9. until the chicken is tender.
  10. Add any seasoning if necessary.
  11. If you like, take the meat off the bone and return it to the soup, or serve it at the side.
  12. Serve the rice in the soup.
  13. Heavy crusted bread is outstanding with this soup and also very hardy.
  14. Children really like this soup.
  15. For children you can cut out the tumeric and cut the pepper some they like less spices.
  16. This is a healthy soup too.
Most Helpful

This was so easy to make and so very good. I browned chicken wingletts, it was what I had, it took me a while to pick the meat off, when it was time to, but it was worth it. I added a couple handfulls of egg noodles to the soup about 15 minutes before serving, as I had no rice. This would go great with a grill cheese sandwich. Made for Soup-Fest 2011 tag game. Thanks for posting this recipe glitter.

sloe cooker February 10, 2011

This is the best chicken soup recipe I have found.... and it is so quick and easy! What more could anyone ask for! I actually add some good quality seminola pasta in place of the rice which makes it even more of a comfort food in my opinion. In the past month, we have made this soup four times!

jacquelynkeene February 11, 2007

I made this recipe yesterday for a sick friend, and kept some at our home for our sick daughter. My friend credited THIS SOUP with her getting better!! It is honestly the best chicken soup I've ever put in my mouth. To save time, I used a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store, but browned it (it was cold) just like the recipe said and it was just wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing!!

Barenaked Chef September 08, 2006