Annice's Potato and Mushroom Croquettes for Passover

Total Time
Prep 20 mins
Cook 30 mins

This recipe actually belongs to a wonderful woman named Annice Grinberg. We met on a cooking list about 10 years ago, and I've admired her recipes on the Internet for years. I actually had a chance to meet her a few years ago, and we discovered that I went to high school with her daughter. Any recipe that has Annice's name on it is a winner, like this one.

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  1. Boil the potatoes in the water til tender.
  2. Drain and mash the potatoes.
  3. In a separate pan, saute the onions and mushrooms in oil over medium-high heat for three minutes.
  4. In a large bowl, mix mashed potatoes, sauteed onions and mushrooms, seasonings and matzo meal together.
  5. Form 10 croquettes.
  6. Heat oil in a large non-stick frying pan over med-high heat and fry croquettes for 8 minutes on each side.
  7. Serving size is 2 croquettes per person.
Most Helpful

Sounded good in theory, but they were very bland and soaked up way too much oil

Darlene Jack April 08, 2007

The only variation I add is to include 2 tbsp coarse ground honey mustard to the matzo meal [I use breadcrumbs] mix for my own use.

That is Dr House to you March 02, 2007