Anne's Poppy Seed Dressing for Fruit Salad

Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 0 mins

This dressing spruces up a fruit salad for a special occasion or an ordinary brunch. My family always requests I bring this to our gatherings along with a platter of fruit. I choose melons, bananas, pineapple & assorted berries.

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  1. In a medium bowl, combine sugar, mustard, salt, vinegar and onion juice.
  2. Using a mixer gradually beat in oil until mixture is thick and smooth. Stir in poppy seeds.
  3. Store, covered, in fridge. Use for citrus salad or tossed green salad.
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This is a great recipe! I have a similar one that uses I T of dry mustard, other than that it's the same. I can't find onion juice anymore, though, so I'll just have to use finely chopped onions. I make it with romaine lettuce, fruit and toasted almonds. For the fruit I use strawberries, blueberries, peaches, and mandarins, either on their own or a combo. Yummmm!!