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How can I be the first to review??? My rating is actually 4.5...after 45 minutes it wasn't cooked. I had to take it out to raise the heat for another dish so it sunk :( But once the other dish was done, i put this loaf back in the oven with the heat turned off where it sat for (awhile). The end result was kinda flat with a sunken middle but OH MY HOLY CRIPES AHOY!!! This was *supposed* to be breakfast tomorrow & the next day. I hope there's enough left for tomorrow. The kids had theirs in a bowl with ice cream. Mine, as usual, was buttered. Happily, the apricots stayed dispersed. I used a full TB of the spice mix which i made using the salt & sugar. I did cut back a wee bit on the salt in the recipe. I don't think it would matter much. the spice mix adds a lovely flavor!! Too bad I can't review that recipe. ;) I used the rest of the spice mix on some chicken for dinner. Worked out well! Delicious recipe ~ I've been wanting to make this for MONTHS. So happy I *finally* did it!! Thank you, A!! xoxo Bethie

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Elmotoo May 01, 2014
Annacias North Africa/Middle East Apricot and Honey Loaf