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I?m so glad to see this. These are the exact cookies i?ll be baking on sunday. I?ve got to buy some flavor, so glad to know how they differ. I bought anise extract last year to make a new to me roll out cookie recipe but then I simply got tired of making roll out cookies, so I have an un-opened container of it in the cupboard. These look like they?d be less fuss than roll out cookies and a different but welcome holiday flavor. These are a little similar to the buttermilk cookies I?ve made (minus the anise, but I have used lemon), so buttermilk would be great. Now I want to find some anise extract! Anise is not overpowering. Very pleasant taste.

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CHEF GRPA September 28, 2013

Anise is another of my favorite flavors and I am loving dunking these marvelous tiny biscotti's in my coffee. They are cute as the dickens and are just 2 bite size. You can't beat a classic but the cream cheese used here is great and something I wouldn't have thought about. I replaced the sugar with Splenda and used 95% fat free cream cheese.

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Annacia December 05, 2013
Anise Cookie Sticks