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This is by far the best alfredo recipe I've yet made or tasted! I'm slightly confused about what Step 3 is supposed to be (Country Woman...?), but I ignored that and it clearly turned out great. I used tri-colored "salad twirls" (that's all the package I used said, and I'm drawing a blank on its Italian name) in place of Angel Hair the second time I made it, and it was awesome. It's definitely worth a try. I noticed it doesn't make too much alfredo sauce--that's just my opinion, of course--but I added ingredients to my taste (and a little extra garlic and spices!) until I had around two or more times as much sauce as the recipe is supposed to make. It's not THE quickest recipe, but I take my time making it when I have the chance, so I'm sure it could also be made in a pinch. One more thing--it's very easy to make! I'm 13 and it was incredibly fun and simple to cook, and everyone I made it for loved it (including two totally picky pasta-eaters). I love this recipe, and it's definitely worth a try--trust me, even though I'm young, it's awesome!

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kay92 April 15, 2006
Angel Hair Alfredo