Andreas Viestad's Mock Aquavit

READY IN: 336hrs
Recipe by Julesong

It’s often difficult to find aquavit here in the liquor stores of the United States. So if you have a hankering for that potent liquor, here’s a substitute for you. :) You can experiment with all sorts of flavors, not just caraway. Recipe adapted from "Kitchen of Light: New Scandinavian Cooking with Andreas Viestad" by Andres Viestad. Prep time includes infusion.

Top Review by Bergy

As close as it gets to the real aquavit - I used a polish vodka and left out the star anise - I made this last year and felt the anise took over. I just made it today for this year's Christmas Eve Thanks and Glade Jul 30 Nov - this year's batch is excellent 25 Dec 08 Once again your Aquavit has graced our Christmas Eve table - This is left over from last year and it ages well

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  1. Open the vodka bottle, add all the remaining ingredients, and cover tightly.
  2. Let stand in a cool, dark place for 2 to 3 weeks, shaking every 3 or 4 days – how long you let it sit depends on how strong you want it, so taste it after 2 weeks to see if you want to let it go longer.
  3. When it’s as strong as you’d like, strain the solids through a sieve and discard them, then transfer the aquavit back into the bottle.
  4. To serve: place your aquavit in the freezer until chilled and you can also place your 1 ounce tall glasses in the refrigerator until chilled – then serve (ask your Scandinavian friends about toasting practices with aquavit, as it can be rather complicated).
  5. Note: some people prefer non-potato vodka – use whatever you like.

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