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Since I'm from south Louisiana when I saw Andouille I sat up and took notice. I, for the most part, followed the recipe exactly. I let DH do the actual "stuffing" of the tenderloin and he concurs 100% that it does take patience. I used dried seasoned bread crumbs instead of fresh simply because I didn't have any bread in the house. I also followed the suggestion of stuffing the tenderloin and preparing it later. I prepared it one day and cooked it the next because it is somewhat time consuming from start to finish. I also found that I needed to cook it longer than just 6 minutes in the oven. I cooked it 6 minutes on one side, turned the medallions and cooked 6 minutes on the other side. Even doubling the cooking time the pork remained very juicy and tender. I may have sliced my medallions a little thicker than the recipe instructions and would imagine that if you sliced the medallions thin then 6 minutes cooking time would be appropriate. If you have Andouille available in your area please do not overlook this recipe. Although this is not a dish for "fat free" diets, if you are looking for a different dish to serve for a special occasion you need not look any further. The combination of the intense flavor of the stuffing in contrast to the mildness of the tenderloin is simply superb. I was a bit skeptical at first with just salt and pepper for seasonings, but the seasoning of the Andouille stuffing more than makes up for it. I feel any additional seasoning may be overpowering. Make no mistake about it - this is a very rich dish, but I believe it would please even the most discriminating palates.

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Luby Luby Luby April 16, 2003

Very good and unusual way of preparing a pork tenderloin.

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rosslare July 06, 2010

You may as well just double the stuffing recipe because it's EXCELLENT! To be honest with you... I'm a lazy cook but I did stuff the loins as the recipe called. However..I probably won't do it next time. Just sear the roast and put in oven until done.. Serve with stuffing. Thank you SO much for posting...it's a definate keeper! Here's Mean's recipe http://recipecircus.com/recipes/MEANCHEF/Pork/Andouille-Stuffed_Pork_Tenderloin_with_R.html

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SRF68 May 14, 2009

Terrific recipe!!! I would give it 1000 stars if I could. I made this for Christmas dinner. It was a hit. I did not stuff the tenderloin. I made the stuffing on the side like the other reviewers suggested. I also broiled the tenderloin medalions at 550 for about 4 min a side. I doubled the crumb amount also. I highly recommend this recipe if you want to impress your guests. YUMMY!

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Pumpkin's Cookin' December 30, 2008

I have had this on my list to make for a long time. I was very pleased with the finished product. I loved the mildness of the pork combined with the spicy stuffing. It also made for an attractive presentation. I did have to almost double the cook time, needing six minutes per side. The only reservation I have about this is that it is sort of a pain to prepare. Packing that stuffing just about made me lose my religion. But if you have a little extra time and you want something special, this is highly recommended.

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tara portee June 24, 2007

This is marvelous! Just a note to say the original was posted by Mean Chef, who used to be a member here and had some truly wonderful recipes. However, I prefer to roast the whole stuffed tenderloin at 375 for 30 minutes. Meanie used sweet Italian sausage; it was delicious. This a true gourmet restaurant-quality dish. I recommend it to anyone. Sgt. Pepper, thanks for passing this along.

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Jezski March 11, 2007

This pork recipe is excellent! The andouille adds just the right spark of flavor, while the texture of the stuffing and glaze add interest in the mouth-feel. I prepped the trinity and sausage one day, prepared the stuffing in the morning, stuffed in the afternoon, and sliced and sliced and roasted right at dinner time. I think letting the stuffing sit in the tenderloin also imparts some flavor. We served this with roasted asparagus and lightly seasoned rice pilaf. I did find that the glaze directions were a little unclear: do you mince the garlic? leave it whole and remove it before saucing?

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CHandGreeson March 26, 2005

This is a very rich and delicious treat. I felt like we were having Christmas dinner in the middle of February. The stuffing is wonderful and full of flavor and has a bit of spice to it. The sauce is very good too -- I'd love to douse some mashed potatoes with it but South Beach won't let me. LOL I can usually eat several slices of plain pork tenderloin but this one is so rich and extra large with it's stuffing I could only eat two slices -- two slices of pork heaven. :)

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*Shelly* February 18, 2005

I love pork loin and andouille, so they naturally made a nice combo. The glaze gave it a nice touch with the garlic and rosemary you can't go wrong...very good! It's a keeper here...since Pork rules....

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glitter April 22, 2004
Andouille-Stuffed Pork Tenderloin with Rosemary Butter Glaze