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OMG--KC this was to die for! Lucky I had leftover mints from the Easter baskets so I splurged! I loved it and the mousse is even great alone! I am gonna expreiment with this with egg substitute and a lighter cream so make it a little lower in calories but OMG this is a keeper!!! TY

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LAURIE April 29, 2003

The instructions are incomplete and the order is inefficient. The brownies should be made first so they can cook and cool while you're making the mousse, otherwise you're wasting over an hour on that step (including cooling time) while the mousse is just sitting there deflating. Regarding the mousse, the instructions don't state it but I know you need to whisk the yolks constantly while they're in the double-boiler. What the recipe doesn't state, and I don 't know, is do you keep them on the heat while you're adding the mints in Step 3, or do you take the yolks off the heat? What about while you're beating the eggs and whipping the cream? In fact, doesn't it make more sense to beat the eggs and whip the cream before putting the yolks on at all? My yolks were cooked as well as they could be without becoming breakfast so I took them off the heat, but that made me worry about eating raw whites. My next question is what size double-boiler do you need in order to be able to fold in 6 egg whites beaten stiff and the whipped cream? Because mine was no where near big enough. I had to switch to a big mixing bowl. It ended up tasting ok. If I try it again, I'll double the melted mints in the mousse to get more flavor, and make sure the egg whites and whipped cream are both ready before I start heating the yolks.

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nettysgirl_mi January 01, 2014
Andes Mint Pie