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I bought some ancho chile powder only because I had no idea what it was and was curious to it's taste. I found this recipe and decided to give it a try, the tomatoes were starting to ripen fast. I had to add salt, pepper and more ancho powder to give it some taste. I used the dried Cilantro, which by the way I've never tried before either. I've only tasted this so far as I am freezing it to use this winter. With the added ancho powder I hope it doesn't get too strong as it ages. Come winter and I find out I like this a lot I think I'll add thin slices of celery to it next time I make it.

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Catnip46 August 14, 2012

CarolAT is my best friend. She knew of my over abundance of fresh garden tomatoes and suggested this recipe. I convinced her to post the recipe and am glad I did. It is easy to prepare, has a beautiful color and is wonderfully seasoned. I can see using this when you want a little extra zip in a dish and I know it will be delicious when making chili during the winter months ahead. I opted to use the fresh basil and packaged the sauce in 1/2 pint jelly jars and put in the freezer. Thanks for posting!

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PaulaG October 11, 2006
Ancho Chile Tomato Sauce