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This is the worst banana bread recipe I have ever tried, and it is the worst bread machine recipe I have ever tried. It was not sweet at all, there was no banana flavor and it was gummy and tasted like glue. The recipe was followed very closely, and in all my years of making bread this is the ONLY bread recipe that turned out terribly.

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texasmommy1 October 09, 2011

Great instructions. The loaf came out very moist and as suggested I let rise an extra 30 minutes and baked for 40 and had to add a bit more flour. My family felt it needed a bit more banana flavour though. I will try with maybe 3 bananas next time. Thank you for posting.

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cookitupTeresa January 19, 2011

Thanks for this recipe, Amy! I used leftover walnuts and it was excellent! As someone who looks for recipes and first sorts them by rating, I'm upset at one rating here. This recipe would be rated 5 out of 5, on average, if someone who used Splenda instead of sugar, then complained, hadn't rated it 1 out of 5 even though he/she didn't follow the recipe!!! Splenda's own website says: "If using Splenda for baking, you need to be aware that sugar has a significant role in the texture and appearance of baked items. Thus, if substituting Splenda for sugar, only replace 1/2 of the sugar with Splenda (or use the Splenda baking blends)." Some sites with banana bread banana bread recipes using splenda (there are many) call for 2x as much splenda as this one calls for sugar - no wonder it wasn't sweet enough!

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The_Mick February 09, 2009

To counter the very first review, this is one of the best banana bread recipes I've ever tasted! How ingenious! As it usually is for me, I tweak every recipe. A pinch more yeast, 30% soy flour(I need the protein, due to bariatric surgery) and dried cranberries added when the machine beeps, make this bread delicious! Thank you for something different that's not too sweet!

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Bill J. April 15, 2015

Great recipe. Tried it last night for the first time. Yum, had some for breakfast. How did any of you complainers manage to screw this up? Yes, a third banana is probably a good idea, although I got great flavor with two. Yes, the flour content needs to be a bit more, but gee whiz, I did what Amy recommends, took a look and added a few pinches, and all was well. Altitude, baro pressure, local humidity, all affect bread making. Phase of the moon probably does too. Don't blame Amy, you whiners. Just get your act together and do what's needed to produce good bread in your locale.

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mrbreadmachine June 14, 2013

This definitely is not your typical banana bread. It is simply banana flavored bread. The yeast simply makes the bread so large, that it waters down the breads taste. If you love banana bread, this is not for you. Might be better if you left the yeast out, but not trying it.

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fliphusker March 13, 2013

Horrendous! I'm using it as a door stop instead. Very vague instructions, should have been a red light but I went ahead anyway. I mean what does this mean: ''If it looks too wet, try adding 1 tbs of flour at a time until it looks like a rather wet ball of dough (it should be slightly wetter than ordinary bread dough)'' ? And I think instead of the rising instructions being described as optional they are essential. This 'thing' remained uncooked all the way through but is like a rock on the outside. Stuck to the recipe except for the bit above where i had no idea how much extra flour to ad to get this to resemble anything familiar. It is as others have said the worst banana bread and I'm throwing the lot in the bin.

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1cup October 07, 2012

Didn't like this at all. I followed the recipe exactly. It was raw in the middle, and burnt on the outside. Barely tasted any banana, and it tasted like there was no sugar in it at all. It almost tasted like really bland spice cake. Even butter and a heavy sprinkle of cinnamon sugar couldn't fix it. My 5 year old nephew said it was "eh". Will not be making this again.

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tporter17 July 14, 2012

Wow, this was great! I have a Tefal machine and I used the sweet setting and didn't have to change anything. The bread was light with a lovely crust and beautiful flavour. I added a little more sugar, and would consider adding an extra banana for a boost of flavour next time. Only problem is that I couldn't stop at one slice (or two...!) Not sure what others did differently to make them rate this recipe badly, mine was perfect. Thanks for sharing Sooty_Cat!

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kitchenlicious June 03, 2012

If I could give this 0 I would. The bread collapsed in the middle, and was raw inside and overcooked on the outside. I added and added and added flour, because the mixture was super runny. I am not sure why the exact amount of flour for the recipe should remain a mystery? I was very disappointed with the, and I tasted the bread before pitching it in the garbage - it lacked salt, had too much cinnamon and tasted bland and unremarkable.

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lexipex December 31, 2011
Amy's Yummy Banana Bread (Bread Machine)