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This is an old Sicilian sauce/condiment/marinade. Baste meat on the grill with a brush made of basil or rosemary. Use it as a massage oil, lol. Best in Summer when the basil is going crazy and the tomatoes are breaking the branches. Still heaven with canned tomatoes.

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  1. Put on an apron, this is messy.
  2. In a mortor and pestle pound garlic and salt together till it is almost a liquid.
  3. Add basil and peppercorns and continue to pound.
  4. Add tomatoes and pound.
  5. Use in any number of ways.
  6. Put this on pasta or marinade a steak or chicken with it, basting all the while.
  7. Spoon on top of grilled eggplant or zucchini.

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