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Recipe by gourmetronik

I tasted, well in fact fed myself almost completely on, amlou during my trip to Morocco 2 years ago. It requires one hard to find ingredient, the argan oil which posess a very distinctive nutty taste. Say one was to make this recipe without argan oil I might, and I stress I only *might*, recommand grilled sesame oil but I would be very sad about the whole thing. The best is to dip freshly baked bread in amlou and drink mint tea with it... you'd think you'd died and went to heaven. Or Morocco, which is close enough.

Top Review by mokus

Yes, Morocco is close to heaven, and so is amlou!

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  1. Use a mortar and pestle to reduce the roasted almonds to a very fragrant paste.
  2. Keep pounding and rubbing, slowly adding the oil in a thin but steady stream just like when making mayonnaise.
  3. Repeat the same technique to add the honey.
  4. Dip bread in it, spread it on bread, drink it, use it as a facial mask, dip the horns of your croissant in it -- and faint from unbearable pleasure.

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