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This pie is like eating candy. Very rich and just plain good. Mine boiled over at 40 minutes in the oven. Next time I'll use a deeper pie plate. There will deffinately be a next time!

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doublebubble January 09, 2007

Flavorwise - Wonderful! Creamy, soft, smooth and sweet. I only used 1/4 cup sugar for the filling.<br/>Shapewise - The filling stated in this recipe doesn't really fill up a 9 inch pie shell. I was very happy to choose Graham Cracker pie shell for this recipe because the remaining edge could be easily removed.<br/><br/>Next time I make this pie, will try with 2 cups heavy cream and 1/4 cup flour. Overall, this is a great recipe! Thanks for posting.

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SharonChen December 21, 2013

This recipe is very similar to the one I learned growing up in eastern Indiana. We omit the salt, vanilla, and cinnamon. We put the grated nugmeg (fresh is best) on top before baking. This pie had a very nice texture.

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Southern Sister June 08, 2004

I've been making Old Fashion Sugar Cream Pies for years. I do not put butter, cinnamon or salt in any of mine and my kids are waiting in line for theirs each year, to take home to their family table. I slightly pre-bake my pie shell, making sure there are no bubbles by putting a few fork pricks all around it, before baking. My mixture is a little labor intensive, since I do it 'the old fashioned way' by putting it in a saucepan and cooking it on medium heat and once it gets hot, stir it constantly until it thickens. It's a family recipe, otherwise I would include it on this website. But the labor is well worth the outcome. For those who want to prevent their pies from spewing over into their oven and leaving a mess, you have two options. 1) put the pie on a cookie sheet to bake or 2) (the one I use) is take extra heavy duty foil and measure out the size you need, by measuring the size of the circumference of your pie pan, and add 2", in order to pinch it together. The foil should be at least 6" high. Place the foil (standing up) on the counter and start wrapping it around the pie pan, pinching it in place every 2" and keep it pulled tightly to the pan. When you reach the end, crimp and pinch the ends together. Then place the filling into the pie pan and put in the oven to bake. You can tilt in the top of the foil to prevent the crust from over-browning, and help you keep a clean oven, as well. The foil can be re-used on other pies, if you're baking more than one, if the pie didn't boil over onto the foil. It may seem like a lengthy or troublesome way of protecting your pie and oven, but it really isn't at all! On my Old Fashion Sugar Cream Pies, I dust the bottom of the cooked shell, place the filling inside and then dust the top with nutmeg. Cinnamon is too much on such a good, rich pie.

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charree329 April 10, 2016

Excellent ... reminds me of my childhood in Indiana. I used pumpkin pie spice on the top.

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Tasses January 28, 2007
Amish Sugar Cream Pie