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We made this for Turkey day, without doing a trial run. Was kind of skeptical because I've never really made rolls before. But this was super easy, taste wonderfully light, and gave off a nice aroma. Made a ton of rolls ( Guess I should have read that it serves 36, next time we will cut the recipe in half. Since we didn't have a cookie sheet with a small lip to it we used an oversized muffin pan. My mom got a little carried away with the dough and they came out huge!!! But were still surprisingly light and fluffy. Looks like I'll be making these every year!!!!! Good post!!!!!!!!!!

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ChrissyVas80 November 27, 2008

Have made these several times now - they are great! I've made them into "hamburger" roll size for sandwiches, dinner rolls, and even took part of the dough and put into a loaf pan for bread - always taste wonderful and have a nice light texture. I use the water I cooked the potatoes in for the warm water - great recipe.

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Pat6456 December 05, 2008

OMG I can't believe I didn't rate these sooner! I have been doing a dry run on Thanksgiving for the last month (!!!) and these were SO excellent! Beware! It makes the equivalent of FOUR LOAVES, but they are just so amazing that I gave some of the batch to my bosses and friends and they adored it! This is also a very forgiving bread! I forgot to put the eggs in it and after 45 min of NOT rising, I realized my mistake, added the eggs, and it perked right up! Thanks for posting Homegirl!

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bcfossett November 23, 2008

So, I made these WAY too big and didn't let them rise close enough together, but it didn't matter! These are the best rolls I have ever made! Delicious. The potatoes added a great flavor undertone and kept these rolls nice and soft. Used to make turkey sandwiches the day after Thanksgiving. A really big hit with both me and DH. Just remember, you have to place these closer together on the pan if you want them to rise up and not out!

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Hadice November 25, 2007

Terrific recipe, easy and delicious! I made 26 4oz rolls. They are just beautiful. Thanks for sharing this one.

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franciepad October 29, 2007

I think I died and went to heaven. My sister, husband and I sat around and just chowed down on these rolls with butter!!! they are so airy and light. This is my new fav roll recipe. I wasn't sure if they were going to come out or not but I was not disappointed at all. A TEN STAR RATING, CUDO'S TO YOU!!

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FOREVER YOUNG April 29, 2007

These were absolutely delicious!!!!! I reduced the recipe to a 1/4 I got 12 rolls and a small loaf. I used 1 cup of whole wheat flour and 2 cups of bread flour , used melted butter instead of Crisco. I put everything in my kitchen aid, which made it so easy. I agree with another reviewer this recipe is very forgiving. As I was letting the dough rise in the bowl, I realized, I forgot to add the potatoes!!!!!! No worries, I put the dough back in the mixing bowl, attached the hook ,added the potatoes. They turned out very light and fluffy. My husband said I out did myself. I will add just a tad more salt next time, and there will be a next time. I'm thinking for Thanksgiving dinner, thanks for sharing.....

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cita705_12754854 September 29, 2015

These have great flavor. Are a little heavy, but love that there is no yeasty flavor. I don't use Crisco, so I used vegetable oil instead, like I do with all my breads. Everyone liked them, but I was hoping for a lighter roll. Thanks. UPDATE 5-15-2012: I was going to make rolls, but decided last minute to make bread. This recipe made 3 large loaves! I mixed the flour 1/2 fresh ground whole wheat and 1/2 all purpose. I cut the sugar and the salt in half. And it still browned beautifully! I will let you know how it turned out after they are cool enough to cut..

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razzintaz May 16, 2012

I tried this recipe and was dissappointed at how thin the batter was. It doesn't call for kneading which would have been impossible and forget about pinching off rolls even with oiled hands. I finally added about another cup of flour to a half recipe and baked it in a bread pan. It makes a very tasty bread but it is much like a muffin in texture when cooled.
Mine raised very well and had the texture I was looking for, being heavy but airy like I remember in an Amish restaurant I used to go to. I will try again with some changes to see results.

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bigbe January 10, 2012

This made great tasting, tender and feather light rolls for me and I'll continue to use the recipe. The only reason that it wasn't a five star recipe for me is because the dough is pretty difficult to work with as the recipe is written (and I followed it without making any adjustments). I think that after the first rise, punching it down and refrigerating the dough for a couple of hours would make it much easier to work with, which is what I intend to do when I use it in the future. Thanks for sharing!

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DixieLand October 07, 2010
Amish Potato Rolls