Total Time
8hrs 5mins
Prep 5 mins
Cook 8 hrs

My Amish friend Cecily loaned me this recipe.. it's made the night before so it's easy to have when you wake up


  1. Mix all together in a slow cooker right before bed and cook in on low til the morning.
Most Helpful

So very good! But a very big sidenote: It cooked on "warm" in my crockport after only 2 hours. If it would have been on all night, it would have burned. It was delicious, though! I had a few bites when it finished cooking at 11:30pm and saved the rest in a container to warm up the next morning. I worried that it wouldn't taste as good re-heated, but it was excellent. Definitely would recommend :) Thanks!

Gavin's Mom December 21, 2009

Good, expect I didn't know what "fried fruit" was. I just used raisins.

Scotty & Callie's Mom November 22, 2009

This was really good and super convenient! I actually woke up at 5:00 this morning and wanted to eat it then because the whole house smelled so good :) I think next time I am going to set my crock pot to warm instead of low as it was a little burnt. Also I thought the butter was a little much so I will scale that down too. I added dried blueberries and cherries to it and then more cream over it in the morning and it really was delicious, thank you!

Red Chef Mama September 07, 2009