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I presented this food to my German two class. Needless to say, it was well-liked.

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TraumaKagato October 14, 2004

I made this lovely recipe today. It was simple and easy to follow. Instead of the almond essence, I used orange essence as a substitute{anything with chocolate and orange flavours is the way to make my family happy}. I baked these at 160C for 20 minutes at first and then at 180C for 10 minutes. Once half way through the cooking time, I did brush these with milk and I really appreciate you for mentioning this particular idea because it is unique and works very well. Since it is Valentine's Day tomorrow, I wanted to give this a little bit of the "love effect" so as to make it special for this day. I followed the instructions as directed in the recipe. The only thing different I did was with the glaze. Once these were ready, I allowed them to cool a little and then cut them into 1 inch triangles. Then, I dipped these in the prepared glaze{I combined the light and dark glaze to make one yummilicious chocolate glaze} and transferred them onto a beautiful transparent heart-shaped serving plate. Next, I sprinkled some thinly sliced almonds over these beautiful little treats and on each I placed a little slice of red or green glazed or maraschino cherry. These looked so good! Once all were done, I refrigerated these and will be serving them tomorrow. They taste great even right now, but then it's Valentine's only tomorrow :) Thanks alot for sharing an interesting recipe! This was well worth the time I spent on making it. Definitely a keeper!

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Charishma_Ramchandani February 13, 2005