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Made enough for one pizza and it turned out great. Loved the crust but may cook it a bit longer next time.

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adopt a greyhound March 21, 2014

My family and I absolutely love this recipe! I saw this recipe on Cook's Country, which I'm faithful watcher, and had to try it. It was great! This is the best and easiest pizza recipe to make. The only thing I change is the time I let the dough sit in the fridge. I only leave it for a couple of hours and it still turns out great! I highly recommend!

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Jamie W. March 09, 2014

Best dough ever. I made it in a bread machine dough cycle with fast rising yeast, all purpose flour and the crust was terrific. Follow Step 1, mix 1 minute on the dough setting and turn off machine for 10 minutes. In Step 2, add salt and oil and start machine or start a new dough cycle and let it go until the kneading cycle stops (5-10 minutes). Turn off machine, remove dough and continue the recipe in Step 2. Notes: 24 hour rise was great but after 48 hours the dough was dead; beware that ¼ cup Parmesan makes this a salty pizza especially if you add pepperoni; this dough is very sticky so you need a lot of flour on your board in Step 5.

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FearArDoiteain . October 23, 2013

The crust on this pizza came out perfect. Because I don't have a pizza stone I cooked this recipe in a different way. I do have a perforated sheet pan so I used it and all of the dough for one big pizza. I lightly greased the pan and used my fingers to evenly distribute the dough leaving the edges a little thicker. I preheated my oven to 550 degrees. Because of the increased surface volume and no stone the pizza took 25 minutes to cook. My only criticism was the sauce. I found it to be way to salty. My advice would be to add the salt a little at a time and to under salt the sauce. Both the cheese and the crust have plenty of salt already. I followed the directions for the sauce and did not find it to be runny. I think next time I am gong to use a cooked marina sauce rather than an uncooked sauce because I prefer the taste.I also found that the recipe as called for made a little under 2 cups of sauce. As written the recipe calls for 1 cup of sauce for 2 pizzas. I added a little bit of the tomato juice that I drained off the tomatoes to the pizza sauce to make 2 cups. I froze the leftover cup of sauce and the tomato juice leftover from when I drained the tomatoes. I will most likely use them the next time I make a pasta sauce.

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deniseathome June 20, 2013

I have made a lot of yeast dough, have had bread makers and used kitchen aid mixers, but this is the fastest easiest way to make the best pizza I have ever made. As to the sauce being runny, just make sure you drain the tomatoes well first and only process for the 30 seconds or so. Preheating the pizza stones, I use pampered chef and cooking near the top of the oven really made the difference.

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north44 November 18, 2012

Best pizza recipe I have tried (and I've tried a lot). I loved the idea of making the dough a couple days ahead. Very little kneading required with the use of the food processor. My only complaint was that the sauce was so thin. Once we cut the pizza into slices, the watery sauce made the dough soggy. The sauce was delicious though, couldn't stop tasting it. I have a feeling this will be a new staple in my house. Next time I will simmer the sauce a bit to thicken.

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Blue Dog November 13, 2012
America's Test Kitchen Thin-Crust Pizza