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The multiple meats, the red wine, the veggies, all of it, very tastey. A very nice blend of flavors, a deliciously complicated mouth full. Serve it with a nice, crusty loaf of french bread and some parmesan. This is one I will use again. Would be great to serve when having friends over.

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Rene B. March 12, 2014

I am a big fan of Cook's Illustrated and found this recipe in their latest pasta cookbook. What caught my attention was the the combination of meats and wine. I guess, "to each their own"! This recipe did nothing for me. There was lots of meat and a watery liquid sauce. Big, bold taste was definitely there...found it a bit on the brash side! I am going to water it down with marinara sauce and make some baked pasta dishes with the left overs. Way over 6 cups of sauce for me. Probably not one I will come back to again! Too bad....absolutely adore Cooks Illustrated!

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Abby Girl November 27, 2014
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