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Corrections: Cake has 12 tablespoons of unsalted butter which is the last thing added to the batter. Butter needs to be waxy consistency.
And the Butter Cream frosting is missing an ingredient, unsalted BUTTER, one whole pound.
Creme of Coconut 3/4 cup goes in the batter. 1/4 cup goes in the frosting.
Frosting also gets Vanilla & Coconut extract 1 teaspoon each.

I made this for a birthday cake and it turned out beautifully. However, I took this cake in my car and the weather was cold. The cake frosting has so much butter in it, it is very temperature sensitive. Too cold and the butter sets hard and I can imagine that in warm weather the cake would just melt. Too much butter for me!
The cake part was a little skimpy. It either didn't rise enough or the recipe needs to be increased a bit. It was a little skimpy for splitting into 4 layers and barely made it. Consistency and taste was excellent.
The coconut was toasted. I think that I may prefer my coconut soft, tender, untoasted.
I had about 1/3 cup of Creme of Coconut left over. What do you do with that?
Taste balance was good. I would just like more loft and more moist and tender. Less butter.

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JanetLikesPie February 12, 2011

I saw the episode on America's Test Kitchen where they presented this recipe...the host said it was one of the best cakes he ever tasted on the show,,so that definitely piqued my interest. My sister LOVES coconut cake and was having a party. I told her that I found this recipe ,but had NOT tried making it yet, so do I DARE make it for her party without experimenting first?? My sis said "GO for it!"...so I did (with fingers crossed!)..
First...must say it did take a long time to prepare - between separating all the eggs, & the many steps involved ..I don't have a thermometer and worried about the frosting.....which I didnt like the look of (not smooth and velvety..& not very solid, .but figured it would be covered up with the toasted coconut, so I persevered!).. DEFINITELY sitting in the fridge overnight helped firm up the frosting.
SO GLAD I DID...the cake was a BIG hit with everyone at the party..and NOT one piece was left! My sister said it was FABULOUS and exactly the kind of cake and frosting she would have picked....And that it tasted even BETTER than some fancy restaurant 's coconut cake that she remembered fondly..Wish I took a picture of my cake...some thought it came from a very expensive bakery-it looked so professional. The toasted coconut gave it a nice look & crunchy taste. And the cream of coconut in the cake and frosting, doesn't overpower the taste, but gives it a true infusion of coconut flavor that a COCONUT cake should have (& not just flaked coconut on top of frosting like some cakes have).
Patience paid off in spades -- I got compliments galore all evening!...and my sis said "you realize you're gonna have to make this again for me!"
SOOOO glad I found the full recipe here..it's definitely a keeper! THANK YOU.

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lindajoys January 13, 2013

I made this cake (from the magazine) for a friend's husband's birthday. After tasting the batter and the icing, I made one for me. This is by far, the most spectacular cake I have ever had. I am not the biggest coconut fan, but this cake...this cake is unbelievably good. I find myself craving it at the oddest times. Do yourself a favor, if you like coconut even the tiniest bit, make this cake. It is SO worth it.

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Jmommy209 February 04, 2015

This is the best coconut cake I have ever tasted! It has a fresh coconut taste. Everytime I make it I get raves. It is time consuming but definitly worth it. If you are a coconut cake lover you surely will love this cake.

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patpriore September 29, 2014
America's Test Kitchen Coconut Layer Cake