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Excellent recipe. Forms a nice sauce that you can never get with a packet. One change I would make would be to cook the ground before you start the recipe. Even the leanest ground beef will still have a significant amount of fat. I cooked the beef about 90%, then removed the beef with a slotted spoon and poured the juice into a fat separator. When the directions called to add the beef, I added the beef with the juice leaving the fat behind, nearly a 1/4 cup! While you could remove the fat at the end, it would take much of the spice flavor away. Many spices are fat soluble and you'd be loosing a lot of flavor that way.

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FoolishChemist October 03, 2011

Chicken broth? Cider vinegar? Brown sugar? Sure sounded strange to me. But I was on a mission to find a superior beef taco filling, so I was willing to step outside my own little 'box'. I followed the recipe very closely except for adding a few extra splashes of tomato sauce when the mixture seemed to be getting too dry. (Since they live up to their name at ATK and do test things so thoroughly, I assume this was because the package of ground beef I used was slightly over a pound, so it would have absorbed more liquid.) Weird ingredients or not, the tacos were just delicious. Such an improvement over a seasoning packet!! Next time I'm going to add some jalapeno slices, increase the vinegar a smidgen and probably omit extra salt altogether. So easy to adapt to personal tastes, and sooo good!

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highcotton March 08, 2010

I realize ATK has perfected these recipes, so there's no need to mess with them, but inevitably, I don't have an ingredient or two that I need on hand when I'm ready to cook. So, instead of 2 tsp cider vinegar, I used 1 tsp each of red wine vinegar and rice wine vinegar. Living in New Mexico, I couldn't help but add 2 tsp of red chile powder and a heavy dash of smoked paprika. As another user suggested, I added a few dashes of worcestershire sauce. Oh yeah, and I used ground bison instead of beef. Sorry, ATK, but I think mine turned out even better than yours would've. Best tacos I've ever had.

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Danielle A. July 15, 2014

Great American style tacos. I made the recipe as written except that I forgot the cayenne pepper (in the heat of the moment :). My family likes mild spiciness so they didn't mind. I used organic, grass fed beef and it really didn't turn out greasy at all. My family thought they were the best tacos they've ever had so, two thumbs up!

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nlouie99 October 12, 2013

I will make this short and sweet...... This is the worst recipe I have ever tried in my life. Wow! 5 stars.... I guess very everyone that has tried this recipe does not know what good taco meat taste like.

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nloverde May 17, 2015

Unusual ingredients but this is the best taco recipe I have ever tried<br/>This will become my go to recipe<br/>Had quit eating tacos because the packaged seasoning was not good !!<br/>Try this one guaranteed to be one of the best tacos you ever had

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jimwadling February 16, 2014

Lovely and easy. Not as spicy as I would prefer. Since it is for guests, I left it as is. I made 3 2.5 lb batches and that was perfect for my big skillet. I think the recipe calls for too much broth. This should be reduced by half or maybe omitted.

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Ambervim September 13, 2013

Just right for classic tacos. I used a combination of lean ground beef and ground turkey so I didn't have an issue with them being greasy. I think if I had used a fattier meat I would have cooked the meat first and then drained before adding the seasoning. Thanks for posting the recipe. I'll be making these again.

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Lucky in Bayview July 04, 2013

Best tacos ever. No kidding.<br/><br/>Due to protestations from my wife, we only used 1/5th of the onion in the final mix. More would have been better.

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Chief Scullery Engineer May 18, 2013

First and Foremost, Drain the grease before adding the rest of the additions. This dish was sub-par in regards to Mexican style tacos. I had to add Chipotle sauce to kick it up to what I like. I also added more Onion and Sliced Jalapenos to the simmer. Use more Vinegar, gives it more Character. My wife liked it, I like a highly seasoned product. It is better than the packaged seasonings. You also could add some minced Cilantro as I did.

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Winechef March 21, 2011
America's Test Kitchen Beef Tacos