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Thank you so much for the clear, step-by-step instructions with photos. It was so helpful that my first attempt at baking Panetone was a great success! It was the best Christmas gift from God for me to be able to produce a Panetone!!! That prince of Breadcake! Your recipe produced a moist, soft and delicious Panetone, My Italian friend tasted it and said it's authentic! I'm so thrilled to be able to finally produce an authentic Panetone and enjoy it!!!!
For your info, Instead of a tube pan, I used a deep, big pyrex casserole dish and it turned out so well. I used lemon and orange candied peel plus a moist mixture of glaced fruit.
Also I used your weight measurement instead of the volume version because the amount of flour can vary so much using cups rather than ounces.

The Panetone kept well for a few days, retaining its moistness. It was also freezable!

Once again, many thanks your wonderful recipe, for the clear instruction and explanation of alternatives for things I couldn't get here in Manila.
God bless you. May many more people get to know your recipe!

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Coquelicot December 27, 2010

I made this last year and I plan on doing it again. The idea of baking it in a tube pan is perfect. The bread bakes all the way through without drying out or browning the top and sides too much. I bought paper tube pans from KA and it was perfect for gift giving. For the dried fruit I used a mixture from Trader Joes that included dried cherries, cranberries, raisins and maybe blueberries and I did put additional fresh orange zest as well. It is well worth the steps. Can't wait to make it again. If you have leftovers use it for the most delicious french toast or a bread pudding.

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GinaCucina December 10, 2009
American-Style Panettone