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Addictively yummy little buggers!! I needed to bake these at 375 to get them crispy enough, but that's probably my oven's fault. One of the great things about this recipe is that it inspires all kinds of creativity--bacon/ham/sausage instead of pepperoni, adding green onions/olives/hot peppers/fresh herbs, topping with seeds, etc., etc. I can't wait to make them again--at the last party a full platter was emptied in 10 minutes flat! Thanks Ashley!!

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Vina August 15, 2003

These are cute & yummy. Since I made my own crescent dough, I faced some challenges. I put the dough in the fridge overnight, and the next day, rolled it thin while cold. I wrestled with making various kinds of pockets, but ended up cutting with a 3" biscuit cutter and pushing into mini-muffin cups, and filling. They came out nicely (pic). In the future, I would change up the filling, too and maybe do one with ham, spring onions and gruyere mixed in the cream cheese, etc. Very nice!

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Jaylee April 20, 2010

Since I usually have 2 out of the 3 ingredients I desided to try these out. I didn't have the pepperoni on hand...it's not my favorite thing...so I used what I had...a small jar of dried beef. I put it in my mini chopper and and shredded it very fine. The puff balls came out wonderful with the exception the filling was slightly salty...my fault I didn't rinse the dried beef before I chopped it. Actually would have been fine if I had doubled the recipe. Then I made them again and used a small can of imitation crab, a teaspoon of chopped garlic, 3green onions and a dash of worchestershire. Both times these little bites of joy disappeared almost as fast as they came out of the oven. They are on my Super Bowl refreshment list...maybe a triple batch. I am also thinking maybe a sweet puff ball...cream cheese and crushed pineapple that has been drained really well. Danzy

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Danzy January 15, 2004

These were amazing and so easy. I put the pepperoni in the food processor and added some garlic and Italian seasoning. I also made a batch of shredded chicken and ranch seasonings. Both were amazing! You could add a little sugar and cinnamon to some cream cheese and a little apple pie filling. You could even add some jam to the cream cheese. The ideas are limitless! This will be a go to from now on! Thank you!

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Kimmie Cakes February 07, 2010

I can't believe I haven't reviewed these yet. They are mind-numbingly easy to make and so yummy. I was making them at my annual beach trip with friends and one of the guys walked in and exclaimed, "Wait...you make those BY HAND?!?! I'm impressed!!" Apparently, he finds them to be so delicious that he thought I bought them in the freezer section. I've learned a couple things during the 10 times I've made these since finding this recipe: 1. Use a food processor to chop the pepperoni, it's so much easier. 2. You can actually cut the crescent triangles into fourths instead of thirds and get more pepperoni balls.
Thanks so much for posting this recipe!!

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saucy4 August 18, 2010

I must revise my previous review: I cannot tell you how good these really are! I have made them probably eight times since I found this recipe in October. No matter what party of event Im going to everyone loves them. My mini chopper does a great job of chopping the pepperoni and preventing carpel tunnel! I've been adding some Italian seasoning and a little garlic powder to them. I also use a block and half of cream cheese, and like an 8 oz package of pepperoni, because I like a lot of filling. The way mine get folded, the filling is not completely covered but they usually don't leak and if they do its no big deal. These are the best thing since sausage balls! THANK YOU!!

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Jamie Renee October 30, 2006

These are really the ultimate blank canvas for appetizers. I used the garlic butter flavored cresent rolls and stirred in some shredded parm to the cheese mix. They were a big hit, the whole time I stuffing them in my face I was thinking of other stuffing add ins that would be good! (chopped bacon, green onions, cheddar, horseradish...

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Meghan December 27, 2010

I made these with vegetarian pepperoni and they were a hit. I also made them with a feta/onion/spinach stuffing (I think someone else suggested that) and it was tasty, too. People really like saying "pass me those white trash puff balls".

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Tanya Pants November 30, 2003

Everyone just loved these, and so easy to make! I cut each triangle into 4 pieces for slightly smaller bites, and used crumbled bacon instead of pepperoni. Since I went with bacon, I added some cheddar cheese and dried fried shallots and chives.

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yogi April 25, 2011

These are good. I made ahead and reheated in low oven--worked fine. Added garlic powder and italian seasoning like some suggested--better that way.

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JamminJulie December 24, 2010
Amazing White Trash Puff Balls