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I can't believe these haven't been reviewed yet! This is it, folks...the holy grail of veggie burger recipes that have tons of flavor AND stay together in patty form. I would give this twenty stars if I could! I have made them twice now, once as written and once replacing the bbq sauce with Frank's Red Hot. I forgot to add the oil the second time and they still worked out just fine.Both were great and *very* well received by dinner guests. I can't see myself buying another overpriced box of black bean burgers! If you are reading this, stop reading and just go make some burgers :). Thanks, FrVanilla!!

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smellyvegetarian April 21, 2012

This recipe turned out really well. I had almost given up finding a MIY burger :) One caveat though, Worcestershire Sauce usually contains anchovies. Not a big problem unless you don't know and you serve it to a vegetarian. Steak sauces can be used in place of it, just be sure to check ingredients. Works well with wheat flour and I don't add the cheese or the oil to the recipe. I just use oil on the pan and top with a slice of (tillamook!) cheese

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alaskanmom February 17, 2014

This really is a very good burger. Easy to work with and has a great taste and texture. I accentially omitted the cheddar cheese, but can easily fix this when reheating the rest by adding a slice of cheese on top. My beans came in a smaller can, so I used two cans and increased the other ingredients by one half, which means more burgers for us!! Thanks for sharing!!

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CaliforniaJan February 12, 2013
Amazing Veggie Burgers