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I have been trying to enter this review for 10 minutes, and once again we are plagued with another site Boo-Boo, what's new. I'm giving this a 5 star rating, but the stars won't stay lit up.I made this yesterday, after having drained the yogurt the day before. First of all, I chose to put mine in margarita glasses, thinking it a nice touch.I also chose to sprinkle crushed chocolate graham crackers over the tops, rather than make a crust.I tasted one of them last night. I was not impressed, in fact, I didn't like the after-taste. I really was prepared to dump them, but didn't want to bother with it last night. Today I took one out and decided to taste it again, before I dumped them. It is delicious! I took a picture and will get it posted soon. These make really pretty individual desserts parfait style. This is a really nice dessert for those who choose this type of dessert. Just make sure that you refrigerate them either all day or over night. Thanks so much for sharing.

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FLUFFSTER February 03, 2011

I made this with both sugar free cheesecake and vanilla pudding and it was wonderful with both. I use homemade yogurt and cream cheese. I also served it as a parfait since I do not care for the crust that much. Thanks for posting such an easy and healthy recipe!

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lightlovebeing July 07, 2014

If you are addicted to cheesecake and are trying to loose weight, this recipe will satisfy that "got to have it" craving. Planning ahead is key and you must have patience to have it turn out right. Just try two bites before you decide whether you like it or not.

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Teddiy October 09, 2012

LOVE this...so easy, and oh so good. I used plain fat free greek yogurt, so I didn't have to drain it, and used regular sugar since splenda always gives me migraines in large quantities, so I've basically stopped using it completely...but, it's basically set when you're done mixing, so I licked the bowl clean - made this as a crustless cheesecake, since my kitchen isn't completely usable right now...but, i'm not a huge crust fan anyway :-) Thanks for posting my new go-to cheesecake recipe. Made for PAC Spring 2010

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ShortieNJ April 16, 2010

This cheese cake was wonderful! I made it for my family and we couldn't wait an hour to eat it! I made an oatmeal crust for this and it turned out great! I defiantly recommend this wonderful healthy cheesecake! No guilt here!

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EyesForASkinnyFuture July 19, 2009

Sounds great...I'm trying this one tonight! Let you know how it turns out!!! Tried it...ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I could not believe this was so low cal! The entire pie had only 600 calories and the taste was wonderful. Just like a cheesecake! I made a crust out of grinded cocoa puffs and it was superb! 58275827592 stars!

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Susie May June 18, 2009
Amazing Low Cal, Fat Free, Sugar Free Cheesecake