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Excellent, flavourful, tomato soup. Lovely tomatoy flavour and the richness of the beef and seasonings works well together. I did have a few modifications... I was unable to find tinned fire-roasted tomatos and used home-made oven roasted tomatos which are simply tomatos sliced in half, tossed with olive oil and slow-roasted till tender, then skinned. Easy to make and standard on our salads! I also didn't drain the ground beef as we were using a leaner variety anyhow and the beef fat is part of what gives it such a lovely flavour. Other than that, we followed the recipe and did find it as stated - easy to prepare and outstanding flavour!

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CabrissiTea December 17, 2006

This is a great soup. I had to make a few modifications but even with the modifications, it earns 5 stars. I cut this recipe in half. I could not find anything in the grocery store that said "fire roasted tomatoes". I did not have the official italian seasoning mix so I improvised and added 1 teaspoon dried oregano, 1 teaspoon dried basil and a few shakes of fennel. The picture shows the soup topped with shaved parmesan reggiano cheese.

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Marie Nixon January 08, 2006

I made this today for my weekly soup lunch at work, and it was GREAT! It smelled so good cooking. I couldn't find fire roasted tomatoes, so I had to get Itailian tomatoes. I did take the liberty to use have chicken broth and half tomato juice for a more "tomatoey" flavor. Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe and helping me give my co-workers nice warm tummies.

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Doing it Right January 05, 2006
Amazing Italian Tomato Soup