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I am also part Hungarian and a recipe much like this one was passed down in my family as well. In fact its the ONLY recipe passed down. Chicken Paprikash has been my favorite comfort dish since I was a child. this is the only recipe i know by heart but i wanted to see if there were any better ways to prepare it. (such as your mixing the sour cream separately was brilliant) We make our Dumplings slightly different though. Actually they are more like dumpling noodles. instead of making it dry ours calls for the mixture to be slightly runny (and I like to add a little paprika to the mixture as an extra kick!) then instead of a knife use a spoon to scoop the dough into the boiling water. And only use I/3 of the spoon (the side) and get the dough into the water by knocking the spoon on the edge of the pot and then continuing on to the next. (yes it can be time consuming but the efforts are worth it) make sure to have a straining spoon handy and a cassorole dish with a dab of butter to keep the dumpling noodles from sticking. As you continue one by one spooning the mixture in the pot, some of the dumplings should be rising to the surface so periodically scoup them out with the straining spoon and dump them in the cassirole dish. They should resemble slightly half-moon shaped pieces of chewed up gum (I know that sounds gross but that's the best description I've got). Continue scooping the dough untill its done. This takes a while and this is usually when my grandmother employed my help when I was young and how I learned to make this dish better than anyone in my family including her. I am happy to know there is someone else out there who was raised on this amazing and rare dish! Tonight for dinner I'm going to try it your way... :) Thank you!

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kimbellow September 04, 2011

i I too already know how to make this dish as it was passed down from my grandmother but wanted to see if i had forgotten anything over the years. It is very close and anyone looking for true Hungarian chicken and dumplings as found the recipie.

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pix1219 September 28, 2013

We thought this meal was very good. I wasn't overly enthused with the dumplings, preferring my normal spaetzle recipe but I felt the sauce and the chicken was very tasty. I made a couple changes: I used 2 small/medium onions, sliced top to bottom and one tablespoon of onion powder in place of the onion powder otherwise called for and I substituted 1 tbsp of smoked paprika in place of one of the tbsps of paprika. I'm not sure what Chefbs was talking about when he said it needed almost a total rewrite. I didn't think it was bland nor did I find the sauce "wall paper [glue] consistency". I

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Twiggyann July 29, 2012

A true Hungarian type paprikash. The only change was to use sliced onion instead of the onion powder. Will make this again!

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Darkhunter September 05, 2011

This was good and my husband really liked it. The suggestion of dipping the knife into the hot water prior to scraping the dough made scraping a lot easier. I found I had to add a lot more flour to the dumpling recipe, but they turned out good. Thank you for sharing!

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Sky Valley Cook June 01, 2010

Oh my goodness. I have never eaten Chicken Paprikash prior to this recipe. As I am writing this, I am still swooning as I am spooning this fantastic dish into my mouth. I followed this recipe nearly to a T. The only changes I made were to use real onion instead of onion powder. I threw in 1/4 of white wine to the chicken broth. I am too lazy to make the dumplings according to your recipe (but I will next time!), so I used the Jiffy baking mix and threw some minces onions in to the batter and boiled them in chicken broth. This is just amazing. I can't stop eating this! I have had two bowls so far! Thanks for the PERFECT comfort dish! Yum.

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Phoenix Food Queen October 29, 2009

This recipe is truly amazing. My Hungarian grandma would be so happy to see chicken paprikash being enjoyed by the current generation of cooks. Danny P. has updated the recipe to perfection!

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jpmoms January 12, 2009

I saw an episode on Hungarian cooking on an Australian TV channel (SBS) and decided to try a dish. I fluked on this - I must have been born lucky! I cooked the chicken as per the recipe for wife and son. Only change was to use thigh fillets rather than breast because we like the Chinese, think thigh meat has better taste and texture. Anyway the result was that we, were basically blown away - this is a real keeper! Wonderful stuff! Son likes very spicy food and wife likes milder so I mixed about a cup of sauce in a small saucepan with chili flakes so son could flavour his own. 'Fantastic' he said. This is a brilliant recipe and anyone who "had to remake the whole dish over to make it palatable" clearly has no appreciation of what good food is despite their claimed profession. Comments like those are the product of an inflated ego, a deplorable lack of manners, and no feeling for those who try to do something nice for them..

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The Dabblers September 11, 2014

In my small hometown elyria,ohio we have a festival every fall. At once if the stands we have this paprikash on the cool nights. Since I'm in atlanta now I decided to make my favs from the festival. I was blown away with this recipe. It tasted just like I remember it. This recipe was aching and thank you for it.

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tvcook17_13161523 October 09, 2012

My mother-in-law was Hungarian and this was one of her favorite dishes so on the first cold day of this season I thought I would try to make it. I appreciate this recipe as I remember picking small bones out of hers and the boneless tasted no different, though I used breasts and thighs. I also used diced onion, and half of the dumpling recipe though I used 2T of butter and 2 eggs to 2 cups of flour. I blended the sour cream, water and flour in a blender and it was a great move to mix those separately, so I really appreciated that. When all was said and done it tasted a lot like the one I remember from years ago. My daughter added a little Franks Buffalo Wings sauce to hers and it was genius, it added just enough kick to make it an incredibly delicious dish. Thanks for the recipe!

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lytrk October 07, 2012
Amazing Hungarian Chicken Paprikash With Dumplings