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My GF daughter absolutely loved these donuts. The best part is that my non-GF kids loved them just as much. The recipe makes a lot so we froze a bunch (without toppings) which I then reheated and covered with powdered sugar whenever she wanted one for breakfast. They reminded me of the home-made donuts my mom used to make when I was a kid. Thanks so much for the recipe!

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MassachusettsMom September 05, 2007

This recipe is perfect. Make sure you read the note that the author wrote. The gluten free mix is -NOT- WHAT YOU BUY PREMADE AT THE STORE! You have to put it together yourself! That wet consistency that some reviewers describe is completely incorrect because the wrong type of flour blend is being used. In case you didn't read the author's note and came straight to the comments, you mix up 3c White Rice Flour, 3c Brown Rice Flour, 2c of Potato Starch (not flour) and 1c of Tapioca Flour. There is your flour blend. Enjoy this recipe, it's wonderful. My friend with celiac's loves it when I make this for her.

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superbcupcakes September 26, 2015

As someone with celiacs, I have missed donuts! I halved the recipe, but followed it exactly. These were delicious, easy cake donuts! We covered them in the cinnamon and powdered sugar like donuts and I was in heaven. The dough IS soft. It SHOULD be soft to be moist. To shape donuts place dough in zip lock baggy, cut a small piece of the corner off and "pipe" the dough into a circle. PERFECT donuts! Thank you for the recipe!

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nonnarae September 19, 2015

Made these for my daughter and granddaughter. Huge hit. I am not celiac and I tried them, MMMM-good is all I can say. Definitely will make these again.

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idosew58 June 09, 2015

I used this in our new Babycakes donut maker and they were awesome! THANK YOU!

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GlutenIntoleranceGirl GIG July 09, 2013

This is honestly THE BEST gluten free doughnut recipe I have ever tried. It was easy to make and does not require a lot of ingredients. The taste is FANTASTIC! They are a little dense (I thought they would be a little fluffier) but they are delicious! I would recommend ANY gluten free or not gluten free person to try this recipe! My only suggestion is that you will have to add more of the flour mix that in states, I used about an extra cup and a half. Happy baking and happy eating :)

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GFgalie May 14, 2013

Finally, the first "Gluten Free" doughnut recipe that tastes normal ! <br/>Loved these much better than the yeast doughnuts. Easy simple recipe. Finally! The first glutten free doughnut recipe that taste like normal! <br/>The key is to make boat loads of the "Gluten free flour mixture" and use for other recipes. <br/><br/>I have tried multiple "GF flour" mixtures from different brands and they taste yuck. My poor son has had to eat them and he does with no problem but I cannot stomach them. <br/><br/>No more making 2 separate recipes! Yeah, these are tasty for all in our family!<br/><br/>I did not have to add extra flour to get the consistancy right. By the time you lay it out on flour to cut out, its fine. I used a doughnut cutter. <br/><br/>Thankyou for sharing this fantastic recipe with us.

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mahoney20022003 April 10, 2013

Good, I mean how can you go wrong with sweetened, deep-fried buscuit dough (which is really what this is)? Plus, gluten free and pretty easy to make. Tasty, but not like the donut I was craving. Glad I only made 1/2 a batch, which still made a whole platefull. I also made only 1/3 of the flour blend recipe, which was just about perfect for 1/2 batch of donuts. Using the flour mixture at the top of the recipe, I had no problems rolling & cutting these out.

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gfKaren January 13, 2013

My grandson wanted me to make these with him. I decided to make doughnut holes as opposed to whole doughnuts as they are for kids. I find that kids rarely eat a whole cupcake etc. so I make minis. We got over 150 doughnut holes and they taste great. Just used a teaspoon full of dough. Much easier than rolling it out. Perfect for my use. My husband loves them and is not gf. He loves his wheat and could not tell the difference

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Cookiepress December 15, 2012
Amazing Gluten-Free Buttermilk Donuts / Doughnuts