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Prep 5 mins
Cook 0 mins

This is a delicious coffee Adult milkshake! The recipe uses Amarula Cream Liquor from South Africa. It is sold at most liquor stores. The frappé looks great in a highball glass with a long stem or large mouth wine goblet. If you love chocolate and coffee... this shake is for you!

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  1. Put the first 4 ingredients into a cocktail shaker and shake until creamy. The coffee should be warm enough to slightly melt the ice cream.
  2. Pour into a highball glass and garnish with whipped cream and chocolate covered espresso beans.
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Yum! I'm enjoying a lighter version of this right now. I used a sugar free fudgsicle in place of ice cream and a splenda/sugar blend of choc. sauce. Perfect for this hot summer night, THANK YOU!

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Made this over the holiday for company, and used half coffee ice cream and half chocolate ice cream, and OMG!! Not only was it delicious...I looked like a pro making all these yummy drinks!!! ;) :) Thanks so much!!! :) Made for the ZWT4 (Oh! And my neighbors are now buying Amarula!! heehee!!) ;) :) Totally cool!!!!!

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This is delicious NcMS. I really enjoyed this Amarula drink. I used half and half cream, really strong organic coffee, chocolate ice cream and a combination of white & chocolate whipped creams. This makes a lovely rich, smooth, creamy drink, with lots of subtle flavours. I love the combo of coffee, chocolate and amarula. Very quick and easy to make, into my keeper box this goes. Thanks so much for sharing.